NXPowerLite Upgrade Assurance

Buying Upgrade Assurance (UA) ensures you get access to all NXPowerLite Desktop updates and bug fixes, as well as major upgrades for as long as your cover is active. UA costs less than buying an upgrade and if you pre-buy 3 or 5 years you'll also benefit from an extra discount.
If you order with Upgrade Assurance then it will be activated immediately and expire 1 year after the purchase date. This means during the first year you can always upgrade to the latest version of NXPowerLite Desktop.


How much does it cost to buy Upgrade Assurance?

Upgrade Assurance is charged at 20% of the license cost per year.

Are there discounts for buying multiple years of Upgrade Assurance?

Yes, there are discounts for buying NXPowerLite Desktop Assurance up-front. 3-year UA is discounted by 20% and 5-years by 28%.

What are the upgrade costs when maintenance has expired?

If NXPowerLite Upgrade Assurance has expired then you will need to purchase an upgrade to get the latest version of NXPowerLite Desktop. Upgrades can be purchased at 50% of the full license cost.

How regularly are new major releases of NXPowerLite Desktop issued?

We aim to issue major releases of NXPowerLite Desktop every 15-18 months. Each year we regularly issue minor updates, improvements and bug fixes. To see what features have been added in our last few major releases of NXPowerLite Desktop read the following support articles: Windows | Mac

Until when is it possible to buy and extend Upgrade assurance?

It is possible to extend your UA assurance up until 3 months after the expiry date. After this time you will need to purchase an Upgrade.

How can I check the status of my Upgrade Assurance?

Please contact us stating your NXPowerLite registration key or email address used to purchase and we will be happy to inform you of your status.

When do I receive my new license key if a new major version of NXPowerLite Desktop is released?

If you have valid Upgrade Assurance at the time of a major new release of NXPowerLite Desktop then Neuxpower send at least one email containing your new registration details to the email address we have currently on record. We aim to do this as soon as possible after release, usually on the day of release.

Are there any downloads or license keys when I purchase Upgrade Assurance?

When you purchase Upgrade Assurance you will receive an email confirmation with the dates of your Upgrade Assurance term. We do not re-issue registration keys or certificates but please contact us if you need either of these options.

Will I be contacted prior to my Upgrade Assurance expiring?

Yes. Neuxpower will endeavour to contact you multiple times in the 3 months prior to expiry and for 3 months afterward. We correspond via email at the email address we currently have on record.

What is the latest version of NXPowerLite Desktop?

This support article details the available NXPowerLite versions including the latest releases

Can I still use the software if the Upgrade Assurance is not renewed?

Yes, the software can be used if the Upgrade Assurance is not purchased or renewed. However, there are the following considerations for running the software without Upgrade assurance:

  • You will not be entitled to software updates
  • Additional licenses will be charged at full price rather than at a discounted rate
  • There will be no guaranteed support from our team

However, even when running without Upgrade Assurance it is always possible to upgrade to the latest version of NXPowerLite for half the full license price.

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