Release history - Slidewise

v0.92 - 02 Feb 2021

  • We have updated Slidewise to make it (almost) work with files in OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc. From version 0.92 onwards it should now index the content of these files.

    It is limited, however, in that it won’t let you replace fonts, or embed/subset fonts. These features require us to modify the XML directly and we’ve observed some intermittent sync issues that occasionally trip the action up and prevent the change from sticking. To avoid customers having a bad experience we’ve deactivated these features by default if the active presentation is a cloud file.

    You can optionally override the restriction by following these instructions.

  • The Slidewise task pane is now pre-loaded during startup to minimize any delay when the Slidewise button is clicked for the first time.

v0.83 08 Oct 2020

  • Improved robustness of font replacement (fixed some cases that could trigger the error message “Sorry, an error occurred and fonts have not been replaced”)

v0.82 28 Sept 2020

  • Fixed bug causing the 32-bit installer to fail on 32-bit Windows

v0.81 19 Aug 2020

  • Removed “Full Expand” and “Full Collapse” options from main tree context menu
  • Fixed some remaining (subtle) high DPI issues and generally improved the layout of the font embedding confirmation, registration and font replacement dialogs
  • Hooked up AcceptButton/CancelButton properties so Return/Esc keys work to accept/cancel all dialogs
  • Added a simple message box in case font replacement fails
  • When replacing fonts, panose, charset and pitchFamily are now set (or removed if replacing with a theme font) as well as the typeface attribute

v0.78 13 Aug 2020

  • Modified installer to add Neuxpower to the local machine’s Trusted Publishers certificate store to suppress scary ClickOnce prompts
  • Removed redundant Inspector label from the Slidewise task pane
  • Manifest files should now be properly signed using “Neuxpower Solutions Ltd” certificate
  • Fixed bug causing null reference exception when handling certain broken SVG images
  • Added “Enter key…” button to task pane Expired state
  • Added “Save as…” button to task pane Not Saved state
  • Added new task pane Cloud Saved state with “Save as…” button (prompting the user to save the file locally)
  • Changed “trial expired” text in About box to match the text in the task pane Expired state
  • Tweaked status panel in various ways, mostly to make it clearer that it can be clicked when changes are detected
  • Tweaked “free trial” panel to look better and occupy less space
  • Removed label from Inspector and have it display a prompt when no shape is selected
  • Moved some of the less interesting information from the main tree into a new “Other” category

v0.74 06 Aug 2020

  • Fixed bug preventing Replace Fonts dialog from being submitted

v0.73 05 Aug 2020

  • Improved appearance of main tree (it has a thicker border than the Inspector for some reason but looks more cohesive than before)
  • Fixed images looking blurry at high DPI by adding DPI-specific bitmaps for warning icon, button images and main task pane “ellipsis” button (Slidewise logo in About box is not scaled so it isn’t blurry, just currently too small at high DPI)
  • Fixed DPI scaling issues in About box (still not perfect and needs work but at least it’s usable at high DPI now)

v0.71 03 Aug 2020

  • Fixed DPI scaling issues everywhere except the About box (most of the UI is uglier than before so we’ll need another pass through to polish)
  • Added draggable splitter between the main tree and Inspector
  • Fixed DPI scaling issues in “global status” pane (the pane that shows when Slidewise status is Error, Trial Expired, Not Saved etc) and in “trial status” pane that appears at the bottom of the Inspector when in trial mode - however, *many* DPI scaling issues remain
  • Removed version number from the bottom of the task pane (this might be reinstated later but it was getting in the way of DPI scaling fixes)
  • Fixed a bug causing the task pane to stay in the Trial Expired state after registering




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