NXPowerLite Annual Maintenance

When you purchase a perpetual license of an NXPowerLite Server Compression Suite software the license usually comes bundled with 12 months of support and maintenance from the date of purchase. Renewing and maintaining your NXPowerLite software Annual Maintenance is the easiest and most cost-effective way of protecting your software investment.

Active Annual Maintenance ensures you can access the latest software updates, assistance from skilled support experts by email and phone and an extensive knowledge base of articles with known solutions. We also offer exclusive offers and discounts for customers with an active Annual Maintenance agreement.

 Annual Maintenance FAQs

How do I renew my Annual Maintenance and support every year?

Automated email reminders will be sent to the email address of the person that originally purchased the software during the period immediately before and after the Annual Maintenance expiry date. The email will contain a link to renew and options to extend your Annual Maintenance cover. If you do not receive an email reminder or if you want to change the contact email address, please contact our Sales Team.

What happens if I don't renew Annual Maintenance and it expires?

Customers who let their Annual Maintenance expire will lose access to regular software updates to NXPowerLite and won’t be able to engage with our 5-star support team. It will also not be possible to upgrade your NXPowerLite license to a larger capacity, limiting the option to purchasing a larger capacity license at full price.

Can I still use the software if the Annual Maintenance has expired and is not renewed?

Yes, the software can be used if the Annual Maintenance is not purchased or renewed. If it expires it will not stop the software from working. Customers with expired Annual Maintenance still qualify for critical patches to the software. They will not have access to software updates or our support.
However, even when running without Annual Maintenance it is always possible to purchase the latest version of NXPowerLite. Please contact us for details.

Until when is it possible to renew and extend Annual Maintenance?

It is possible to extend your Annual Maintenance up until 3 months after the expiry date. After this time you will need to contact us to review your options.

I have active Annual Maintenance what software updates do I receive?

Neuxpower issues regular updates to add features and improvements. We also ensure that the software remains current and compatible with the latest operating systems and 3rd party software. Customers with active maintenance will get notified and have access to each software update.

How can I check the status of my Annual Maintenance?

Contact us stating your NXPowerLite registration key or email address used to purchase and we will be happy to inform you of your status.

I want to increase the capacity of my license what do I do?

Customers with active Annual Maintenance can upgrade to a larger capacity for the difference in price between their current license and the larger capacity license. Customers without valid maintenance will have to purchase the larger capacity license at full price.

When do I receive my new license key if a new major version of NXPowerLite is released?

If you have valid Annual Maintenance at the time of a major new release of NXPowerLite then Neuxpower will send at least one email containing your new registration details to the email address we have currently on record. We aim to do this as soon as possible after release, usually on the day of release.

Are there any downloads or license keys when I renew Annual Maintenance?

When you purchase Annual Maintenance you will receive an email confirmation with the dates of your Annual Maintenance term. We do not re-issue registration keys or certificates but please contact us if you need either of these options.

Will I be contacted prior to my Annual Maintenance expiring?

Yes. Neuxpower will try to contact you multiple times in the 3 months prior to expiry and for 3 months afterwards. We correspond via email to the email address we currently have on record.
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