NXPowerLite Desktop (Win) Features and Compatibility

Below is a table which details all of the features making it easy to compare versions of NXPowerLite.

Windows Compatibility v9 (2020) v8 (2018) v7 (2015) v6 (2013) v5 (2011)
Windows 10    
Windows 8/8.1  
Windows 7
Add-ins v9 v8 v7 v6 v5
Office + Outlook 2019      
Office + Outlook 2016    
Office + Outlook 2013  
Office + Outlook 2010
Office + Outlook 2007
Office + Outlook 2003  
64-bit Microsoft Office (2007-2019)  
Outlook inbox compression    
Lotus Notes 11        
Lotus Notes 9    
Lotus Notes 8
Lotus Notes 6      
Files supported v9 v8 v7 v6 v5
Office 365      
Office 2019      
Office 2016    
Office 2013  
Office 2010
Office 2007
Office 2003
Supported files in Zip archives


For a detailed overview of the features added to each version please read the following blog posts:

Version 9

Version 8

Read our Release History for a detailed description of what's in each version of NXPowerLite Desktop.

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