Multi-user licensing overview

Customers who buy, or have bought multiple licenses of either NXPowerLite Desktop Windows or Mac can take advantage of the following services to make managing their licenses simpler. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to do any of the following with your licenses:

Single registration key
New multi-user licenses will automatically be granted a single registration key. If you have more than one existing license then we will be happy to group them together under one key.

Keys will work on the equivalent version for either platform, so you can also use a single key even if you have users on both Windows and Mac, e.g. a version 7 Windows key will also unlock version 7 on Mac.

Align version numbers
Customers who have accumulated multiple licenses on different versions with different keys can easily upgrade the older licenses (from any previous version back to version 1) and collect them under a single key on the latest version.

Co-term maintenance
We are happy to co-term maintenance contracts for existing licenses to avoid you having to manage multiple renewal dates.

Add licences
If you already have licenses under a maintenance agreement then you can buy new licenses at the discounted volume level of your total licenses. For example, if you have 16 licenses and want to add another the new license would be charged at the 10-24 user price rather than the single user price. For pricing scales visit our online store and click the "More info" link shown in the image below:

Webstore more info

In addition we will co-term the maintenance with your new license to run concurrently with your existing licenses.

Deployment help
Use our MSI installers and deployment guide to control deployment of minor and major updates automatically.

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