NXPowerLite optimization does not work in Outlook 2016 or later

Outlook 2016 introduced a great deal of new functionality and included in the new features is the ability to quickly compose a reply or forward an email right from your inbox, without opening the full compose window.

Unfortunately, NXPowerLite does not work with this quick reply/forward feature, meaning that your email attachments will not get optimized.

There is however both a manual and automatic work-around to ensure attachments get optimized by NXPowerLite.

1. Manually pop open each email reply or forward to use the full Outlook 'Compose' window. 

Click the ' Pop Out ' button and you will see NXPowerLite in the full 'Compose' window


2. Configure Outlook to always open the compose Windows for all replies and forwarded emails

Open Outlook

Click on the File menu option

Then click options on the left hand side

In the Replies and forwards section, enable Open replies and forwards in a new window 


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