Remove Desktop registry entries


Sometimes an install or update of NXPowerLite becomes corrupted and needs to be cleaned from the system completely before a reinstall. You can do so by following these instructions: 

1. Important: please shut down all your Office programs before starting  

2. Uninstall NXPowerLite via 'Control Panel'/'Programs & Features' applet  

3. Clean registry:
* Access your registry via the 'start menu' and entering 'regedit.exe'  (you may need to right-click and run as an administrator)
* Navigate to the below key  
* Then delete the Neuxpower folder  

4. Reboot Machine

5. Reinstall NXPowerLite:      
* Chose a 'Custom' install to only install the application and none of the add-ins initially  

If that works then you should be able to 'Modify' the installation to add the other features.

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