Enable replace, embed and subset fonts on OneDrive and SharePoint presentations

In Slidewise v0.92 we have implemented compatibility with presentations stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. However, the software is limited as the features to replace, embed or subset fonts have been disabled. These features require us to modify the XML directly and we’ve observed some intermittent sync issues that occasionally trip the action up and prevent the change from sticking.

How to enable replace, embed, and subset fonts features in cloud presentations

Although the standard installation of Slidewise has these features disabled it is possible to enable experimental support for these features. The workaround to enable the feature is via a registry key and you can either enable or disable the feature by downloading and double-clicking the relevant registry script below:

Enable Experimental OneDrive Support

Disable Experimental OneDrive Support

Please contact us if you find any issues when using these features with OneDrive or SharePoint presentations.


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