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Getting started with Slidewise

What is Slidewise?

Slidewise is a PowerPoint Add-in that enables content-focussed navigation within PowerPoint and also the ability to manage font replacement and embedding. See the image below for a quick overview of what Slidewise can do and read more about the in-depth features in the following FAQs.


Is Slidewise free and how do I try it?

Slidewise is free to try for 14-day and during this evaluation period, all the features are completely unrestricted. After 14-days Slidewise will expire and cannot be used unless registration details, obtained by purchasing a license, are entered in the software.

Visit our downloads page to download the 14-day free trial of Slidewise. It is available for 64-bit versions of Windows. If you have a 32-bit installation of Windows then please contact us for a download link.

How do I register Slidewise?

Before you can register Slidewise you need to have purchased a license and have your registration details in the purchase confirmation email to hand.
To register Slidewise follow these 3 steps:
  1. After Slidewise has been successfully installed, open any PowerPoint file
  2. Navigate to the Slidewise tab in PowerPoint and click the Enter key button.

  3. Enter your details exactly as provided on the confirmation email we sent you upon purchase.


How do I stop Slidewise from opening automatically?

Slidewise is set to open automatically when you open any presentation. If you want to open Slidewise manually, please follow these steps:
  1. Open the Slidewise tab and click on the Preferences button


  2. Uncheck the option "Show the Slidewise pane when opening a presentation"


Once configured as above, you must then use the Show/Hide Slidewise button in the Home tab to enable or disable Slidewise for each presentation.

Why does Slidewise not have a desktop icon?

Slidewise is an Add-in for PowerPoint and therefore cannot be launched independently of the PowerPoint application. To start Slidewise open a presentation and click on the Slidewise icon in the Home tab to reveal the task pane to the right side of PowerPoint.

Slidewise features

Find and jump to content with large size in PowerPoint

Slidewise can help to identify content that is making the file much larger than is needed. Slidewise's basic function is to show a breakdown of all the media and fonts within PowerPoint along with their size.

Find large content objects in PowerPoint in 3 easy steps with Slidewise:

  • Open Slidewise and see the breakdown of content and their associated size.

  • Expand the tree nodes to find the largest objects.

  • Jump to them by double-clicking in the Slidewise tree list.


Navigate a PPT presentation's visible and hidden content and inspect objects in detail

From the Slidewise sidebar, you can see every media and font element that is within the file. It can help to identify objects or fonts that appear to be hidden in the file.

For example, it is possible for a PowerPoint shape element to have multiple fonts associated with it. However, PowerPoint can only indicate a one-to-one font relationship with content elements and not show multiple fonts, so it can be really tricky to remove or replace the unwanted hidden font.

Use Slidewise to identify what element is using the hidden font in your presentation by following these steps:

  1. Find the hidden font in the Slidewise tree list.

  2. Expand the font and jump to the object by double-clicking in the tree list.

  3. Use the Slidewise inspector to see the multiple font references used in the shape.


    Note that PowerPoint cannot show multiple font references.

  4. Find and optionally remove the hidden font characters.


Fully embed, subset or remove fonts in PowerPoint with Slidewise

It is possible to embed, subset or remove all the fonts within PowerPoint but the results are very inconsistent. Slidewise indicates the current state of font embedding and makes it easy to switch between fully embed, subset or no embedding.

Adjust the font embedding in PowerPoint in three easy steps:

  1. Select the menu option to the right of the main fonts as indicated in the image below.

  2. Slidewise prompts you that it needs to save the file while indicating the proposed font embedding change.

  3. Once complete you'll see the updated status of the font embedding in Slidewise.


Replace fonts in PowerPoint with Slidewise

Easily replace a font with another font in Slidewise in these three steps:

  1. In the Slidewise sidebar choose the font you want to change and select the action menu option Replace font(s)...

  2. Now choose a replacement font from the list of PowerPoint fonts in the dropdown

  3. Once the Replace font(s) button is clicked Slidewise forces Powerpoint to save and re-open, showing the new replaced font.


Slidewise also takes care of the following situations where PowerPoint's in-built replace fonts feature currently fails:

  • Double-byte fonts can be replaced on systems without additional language support.
  • All chart elements can be accessed and fonts replaced. In PowerPoint, only chart title fonts will be available to replace. All other chart element fonts are not shown in the replace font dialog.

Replace fonts with Theme fonts to clean up your PowerPoint presentation

Presentations can have many editors where content is added by each user. Most of the time this can lead to a proliferation of different fonts used in the presentation. In PowerPoint, it takes a lot of time to identify content with non-theme fonts and remove those specific font references in each case.

Slidewise makes it easy to clean up a PowerPoint Presentation to make sure that it is only using theme (or brand) fonts. You can easily spot each font type and as you know what the theme font is you can replace the specific font references with the theme font.

Replace a font with a theme font by following 3 easy steps in Slidewise:

  1. In the Slidewise sidebar, select Replace font(s)... action menu on the font reference you want to change

  2. In the Replace Font(s) dialog that appears, choose either Theme Font (Body) or Theme Font (Heading) depending on which you want to match.

  3. Click the Replace font(s) button and Slidewise will save a re-open the presentation with all instances of the font replaced with the theme font as seen below.



With what OS is Slidewise Compatible?

Slidewise works on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. You will need to ensure that .NET version 4.7.2 is already installed on your PC otherwise you cannot install Slidewise.

Slidewise is not available for Mac computers. Office for Mac is not built to allow for extracting the required information from each PowerPoint File.

Is there a Mac version of Slidewise?

Unfortunately Slidewise is not available for Office for Mac.

To explain why: There are a number of different ways that applications can integrate with PowerPoint, each having its own set of strengths and weaknesses. To achieve the rich user interface and powerful features of Slidewise, we had to use technology (COM add-ins) which Microsoft has unfortunately not made available on Mac versions of Office. This situation might change at some point in the future, but sadly at the moment a Mac version of Slidewise is not feasible.

On what versions of Office does Slidewise work?

Slidewise works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2016 or later. Slidewise will also work with installed versions of Office 365/Microsoft 365.

Slidewise cannot be used in the web version of Office 365/Microsoft 365.

What files does Slidewise support?

Slidewise works with any of the following XML PowerPoint extensions saved on disk:

  • .pptx, .pptm, .ppsx, .ppsm, .potx, .potm, .ppam
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