Importing and exporting custom optimization settings profiles

Custom optimization settings profiles can be exported from an NXPowerLite Desktop installation and imported to other installations of NXPowerLite Desktop on different machine(s). This is not supported directly in the application but can be achieved by following the steps below.

See NXPowerLite Desktop optimization profiles for download for a selection of frequently used profiles.

 This article is only applicable to version 8 or above of NXPowerLite Desktop 8. Please contact us if you would like to do this in earlier versions.

Create a custom profile to export 

  1. Select New optimize profile... from the Optimize profile drop-down.

  2. Select all the settings for each file type, give the profile a name and save the profile.

  3. Now you will see that profile in the Optimize profile drop-down list on the main dialog.


Export the profile

Before exporting make sure:

  • NXPowerLite is not running on either source or destination machine
  • the source and destination machine have the same version of NXPowerLite Desktop

To export:

  1. Click the windows menu and type run. Click Enter
  2. In the windows copy and paste the following and click Enter:

    %appdata%\Neuxpower\NXPowerLite Desktop 8\Profiles


  3. There will be a file named the same as your custom profile name, with a file extension of .nxprofile. In the example case Resize images to 1024 x 768.nxprofile


  4. Select the profile you want to export and copy to the destination machine.

Import custom profile

  1. Download or copy a custom NXPowerLite profile file to the destination machine
  2. Copy the .nxprofile file to the following folder of the destination machine:

    %appdata%\Neuxpower\NXPowerLite Desktop 8\Profiles

  3. Run NXPowerLite on the destination machine and you will see the imported profile

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