NXPowerLite End User License Agreements

To follow are links to downloadable PDF versions of the End User License Agreements for all of Neuxpower's software products. Each document includes software evaluation terms.

NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows and Mac) | 160KB

NXPowerLite for File Servers | 122KB

NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange | 44KB

NXPowerLite Video | 140KB

Evaluation scanning tools

NXPowerLite Quick Scan | 93KB

NXPowerLite Evaluation | 143KB

NXPowerLite Scanner for Microsoft Exchange| 44KB

These agreements are sometimes also referred to in the following ways:

  • EULA
  • End User License Agreement /End User Licence Agreement
  • Agreement
  • Software terms
  • Evaluation Terms
  • Terms of use

End of Life policy 

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