Unsupported cloud file location

We have partially implemented support for OneDrive, Sharepoint, and other cloud file providers. Slidewise can work with files that are stored locally however, depending on the way you open the cloud file, it may sometimes not work.

Please help us to improve Slidewise

Slidewise needs direct access to the PowerPoint file in order to analyse its content. However, in certain setups we are finding major differences in how the SharePoint/OneDrive syncing is configured.

To expand our support we need examples of how paths to files are stored, including the URL of the SharePoint or OneDrive services, and the local path where they’re mounted. This information is stored in your registry, and the instructions below show how to quickly extract it to a text file that you can share with us.

These quick steps should take less than a minute:

  1. Press Windows+R to open “Run” box. Type “cmd” and then click “OK” to open a Command Prompt.
  2. Paste the following line of text into the command prompt window and press Enter:
    reg export HKCU\SOFTWARE\SyncEngines\Providers\OneDrive onedrive.txt
  3. Now open Windows Explorer and paste the following in the address bar:
  4. There will be a file called "onedrive.txt" in that folder which contains the registry information we need. Please email this file to us at support@neuxpower.com. Note: There shouldn't be anything sensitive in this file. However, please feel free to read the content of the file before sending it to us to be sure.

We'd really appreciate your help with this, as it's not possible for us to recreate all the scenarios in our lab, we can't get this feature working fully without your help.

Synced cloud files

When PowerPoint opens synced cloud files it will usually lock the original cloud file and work with a hidden local copy and regularly sync the changes back to the file. In most of these cases Slidewise is able to open and work.

Directly opened cloud files

Powerpoint is also able to open and work directly with original cloud files using a technology called WebDav. For example, opening a file directly from the browser using the ‘Open in App’ feature in a SharePoint site. Currently, Slidewise is unable to reliably access, change and sync the file when PowerPoint has opened it directly from Cloud Storage.

Use cases

We have observed that these two categories have the following main use-cases and we have indicated which are currently supported when opened in PowerPoint:

  1. From a synced folder (Your folders and folders shared by your organization) [Supported]
  2. From a synced folder (Shared by other users or organizations) [Unsupported]
  3. Using the ‘Open in App’ option directly from the browser. (e.g. SharePoint site) [Unsupported]
  4. From a direct cloud storage file link [Unsupported]
  5. Files in folders added by the ‘Add shortcut to OneDrive’ feature [Unsupported]
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