Release history - NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows)

8.0.2 (29th March 2018 | Engine r14077)


  • In addition to English NXPowerLite is now available in Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil) & Spanish.

Multiple bug fixes

8.0.1 (20th February 2018 | Engine r)


  • NXPowerLite now reduces PNG and TIFF files
  • Create multiple custom profiles
  • Add folder feature completely re-invented
  • New Windows Explorer options including the ability to resize JPEGs with a single right-click
  • Replace original files without creating a backup or copy
  • Multiple MS Office reduction improvements meaning more files are reduced by more


  • NXPowerLite is now compatible with Windows Vista onwards
  • We have dropped support for Windows XP
  • NXPowerLite integrates with Office 2007 onwards only
  • We have dropped integration support for integration with Office 2003, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Files created in Office 2003 will still be processed.

7.1.14 (11th October 2017 | Engine r13609)


  • Customers can now select to omit the icon created on the desktop from the custom installation page or from the command line using REMOVE=DesktopShortcut.

Bug fix

7.1.5 (2nd June 2017 | Engine r13377)


  • Added the ability to selectively install NXPowerLite's ability to optimize received emails in Outlook (Enhanced Outlook Integration).

For more details see the setting NXOLDISABLEENHANCEDOUTLOOK in the deployment guide.

Multiple bug fixes 

7.1.2 (7th December 2016| Engine r12841)

Bug fix release

7.1.1 (14th November 2016 | Engine r12784)


  • PDF library upgraded. This means more files will be optimized and less unexpected exceptions.
  • Introduced a new flat-style NXPowerLite icon
  • If users have downloaded any release of NXPowerLite Desktop 7 prior to version 7.1.1 (this version) then their evaluation countdown timer will be reset. This gives users another 14-day free trial!

7.0.6 (6th June 2016 | Engine r12379)

Fixed a problem where NXPowerLite metadata included the wrong version information.

7.0.5 (9th May 2016 | Engine r12372)

Default PDF setting of 'Subset embedded fonts' now disabled

Multiple bug fixes

7.0.4 (20th April 2016 | Engine r12361)

Bug fix release

7.0.3 (22nd February 2016 | Engine r12175)

  • NXPowerLite Desktop 7 now fully localized in every supported language
  • NXPowerLite will now only saved successfully optimized files if they have been reduced by at least 10KB
  • Improved documentation
  • Engine and UI bug fixes

7.0.2 (7th January 2016 | Engine r12010)

Bug fix release

7.0.1 (4th December 2015 | Engine r11966)

Bug fix release

7.0.0 (30th October 2015 | Engine r11896)


  • Significant file processing engine improvements (see below for details)
  • Added the ability to reduce existing emails in Outlook (2010-2016)
  • Added support for files created in Office 2016
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Added support for Lotus Notes 9
  • Improved the Windows Explorer options
  • Increased the file limit of batch processing from 100 to 10,000
  • NXPowerLite now has more options to resize images at higher resolutions
  • Added a 20-file batch limit to evaluation users. Please note that the evaluation still runs for 14-days otherwise unrestricted.
  • Email zipping rules in Outlook: Default value for "Ignore emails below" changed from 4000 KB to 500 KB. This applies to new customers only, existing customers remain at the existing value upon upgrade.
  • Licence agreement changed to include the concept of 'Authorised users'. This is explains more explicitly that each licence is per user, not per machine.
  • 15 x UI improvements

File processing engine improvements

  • Added a new JPEG library to process JPEG's more quickly
  • PDF improvement: Added support for ASCII encoded PDFs. These PDFs usually have images with double filters, one of which being ASCII. The desktop software has this setting enabled by default but it can be disabled by contacting Neuxpower.
  • PDF improvement: Added the ability to strip out some types of PDF marked content.
  • PDF improvement: Added the ability to subset fonts. The default setting for all optimise profiles is 'Enabled'
  • PDF Improvement: Allow images with inverted default decode arrays (IDDAs) to be optimised, but only if the original image's colour space is non-indexed CMYK. (IDDAs are something that Photoshop often uses for CMYK JPEG images)
  • PDF improvements: Added support for double filtered images (specifically FlateDecode and DCTDecode)
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