Release history - NXPowerLite for File Servers

NXPowerLite For File Servers 9.1.4 (08-Mar-2022)

Bug Fix

  • SDK v9.1.4 included
    • Updated PDF compression library to fix a bug with subsetting PDF fonts. The scope of this is unclear but it seemed to affect only a small subset of PDF files that contained fonts that were already subsetted.

NXPowerLite For File Servers 9.1.2 (19-Oct-2021)


  • Re-compression of already compressed files will be attempted to increase compression
  • Many user interface improvements
  • Support for Microsoft Server 2022
  • Office 2021 file support
  • Automatic migration of configuration and settings from previous versions of NXPowerLite for File Servers. Read more.

File Compression Engine Improvements

  • Add options to reduce the color depth of PNG images within Office files
  • Delete cropped areas of images now works in PPTX files (Does not work in DOCX or XLSX files)
  • Flatten Embedded Objects feature now works in PPTX files created in an Office version prior to
  • Office 2019. (Does not work in DOCX or XLSX files or PPTX files created in Office 2019 or later)
  • Add the option to subset PDF files

Bug Fixes

  • Make NXPowerLite skip large images that were making it crash
  • Better memory management to stop PDFs with large images crashing NXPowerLite.
  • Enabled processing of files downloaded from, previously these would be unsupported.
  • Fixed a bug that made NXPowerLite crash with Office files that had content with different capitalization than the documented specification
  • Fixed a bug that made NXPowerLite crash on files with internal content incorrectly referenced. Now, these files can be compressed.
  • Fixed an issue affecting PPTX files containing embedded objects, which could cause some applications (not including PowerPoint itself) to fail to open optimized files.
  • Fixed a bug where NXPowerLite would not process a certain category of PPTX files.
Version 8 releases

NXPowerLite For File Servers 8.0.15 (10-Jun-2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where limiting files by date would be set automatically in the Files to include profile despite it not being set in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where reports could not be exported to DOCX format.

NXPowerLite For File Servers 8.0.12 (12-Mar-2020)


  • Added support for compressing PNGs
  • NXPowerLite for File Servers now stores information about files that have already been compressed and ones that cannot be compressed. This means that when it encounters them again it can quickly skip the files. This has dramatically improved the processing time when running over folders that have already been processed. The software will now quickly find and compress files that it has not previously processed.
  • The rules for selecting files by date have now been extended. You can now select files only modified in the last X days as well as those not modified in the last X days. This helps to support Watched Folder configuration where folders already contain a lot of data.
  • Break out optimization settings for each file type to allow more granular configuration.
  • JPEGs can now be resized with NXPowerLite for File Servers. When resizing JPEG in either Office files or standard JPEG files, the available resolutions match those of NXPowerLite Desktop.
  • Added a setting to change the time to pause before rescanning (default 24hrs) when in auto-loop mode. Now users can trigger a rescan from a minimum of 1 minute.
  • It is now possible to skip images in PowerPoint Slide masters
  • Reduced the size of the MSI and subsequent installation folder.
  • Add 'Find' feature to the dashboard to enable users to easily find folders in the list.
  • Lots of UI improvements

File Compression Engine Improvements

  • Multiple MS Office reduction improvements meaning more files are reduced by more
  • PDF compression library improvements for improved PDF compression and stability
  • NXPowerLite can now compress shapes with image backgrounds in office XML files.
  • NXPowerLite can now process file where an embedded object in DOCX has no <v:shape> element
  • NXPowerLite can now optimize pictures that are specified in the VML namespace in Office documents
    OOXML documents that contain images with arbitrary extensions optimize correctly

Bug Fixes

  • One of the configuration files was prone to becoming corrupt. We have now moved the data that was stored in this file into a database to reduce the chance of corruption. This was the No.1 bug for v7 customers.
  • Fixed an issue where if a folder contained more than 1 million files (in the root folder) the software crashed because it ran out of memory.
  • Skip images in PowerPoint Slide masters
  • Fixed an issue where Export watermarks dialog was displayed when exporting reports. Now it does not show but instead takes the user straight to the save file dialog.
  • Files that crashed the optimizer process were reported as 'Warnings' in the event log. As there is now a database which contains details of these files we have removed this warning.
  • Now the application icon appears in the elevated UAC prompt which appears when you start the software.


  • NXPowerLite for File Servers now requires .NET version v4.5.2 or higher
Version 7 releases

NXPowerLite For File Servers 7.1.21 (3rd Oct 2019)


Now need .NET v4.5.2 as a minimum to install.


Set Single Pass as default Run Mode.

Set All Files as default Files to include profile


NXPowerLite Quick Scan Only 7.1.20 (16th Apr 2019 | Engine r15423)

Bug Fix

Removed to empty menu items under the help menu


NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.19 (5th Mar 2019 | Engine r15311)


As a result of a change in the way the underlying database works and a bug fix in the file scanning process, the overall software is much quicker on very larger datasets (1M+ files ) 

Multiple bug fixes

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.17 (17th April 2018 | Engine r14495)

Update software to work with subscription keys

Remove all references to credit

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.15 (2nd November 2017 | Engine r13631)

Remove 'Buy Now' and 'Manage Account' buttons

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.13 (18th September 2017 | Engine r13555)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.12 (7th September 2017 | Engine r13518)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.7 (19th June 2017 | Engine r13417)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.6 (9th June 2017 | Engine r13396)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.1.4 (23rd May 2017 | Engine r13337)

This release sees significant improvements to the software's speed and robustness, plus many bug fixes and improvements. 

New Features

NXPowerLite now support optimizing multiple files concurrently. See support articles for more details and recommendations. The default number of optimizers is 2, meaning that there are 2 optimizers available to optimize files in parallel. This can significantly speed up the optimization of files. For more details read How do I configure the number of optimizers to run concurrently?

NXPowerLite makes heavy use of the TEMP directory when processing files. This can cause disk IO issues significantly slowing down processing. To enable users to speed up the processing of files they can now configure the software to use a custom TEMP directory, possibly on a faster disk. For more details read Changing the NXPowerLite for File Servers working directory.

Created a new Tag Viewer tool. This enables administrators to audit their file systems for files that NXPowerLite has optimized. 

For metered mode, NXPowerLite now supports networks with proxy servers when running in metered mode. It is possible to enter credentials into the registry to allow proxy access. 


The file servers software now process files in the following order:
0 = JPEG
1 = PowerPoint
2 = Word
3 = PDF
4 = Excel
5 = TIFF
6 = Zip
The main reason for the change is that JPEG is by far the quickest file format to process with the best results. PDF is generally the slowest, so putting PowerPoint and Word above it makes sense too. We also switched TIFF and ZIP because we think ZIP files take the longest to process (depending on content).
Sorting by size first does make sense to us so we think we should continue doing the large files first.

The PDF library has been upgraded. This means more files will be optimized and fewer unexpected exceptions occuring.

NXPowerLite for File Servers can now be run on systems with .NET v4.0 without having to install .NET v3.5 first.

NXPowerLite now stores the application state in a database rather than  text file. This ensures the software is more robust and less likely to move to a fatal error state.

NXPowerLite could look unresponsive if it is paused when it was currently optimizing a large zip file.  This is less likely to happen now that Zip file processing can be cancelled more responsively.

Improved the speed of the UI starting

Help doc improvements

Multiple bug fixes

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.13 (12th June 2017 | Engine r13409)

[Japan Only]

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.12 (20th February 2017 | Engine r13058)

Fix for registering when in metering mode

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.11 (31st January 2017 | Engine r12946)

Localization fix

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.10 (11th January 2017 | Engine r12816)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.9 (7th December 2016 | Engine r12816)

Bugfix release

NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.8 (27th October 2016 | Engine r12748)

New Features

Allow customers to buy credits for reclaiming space. 

  • You buy 'Storage Reclaim Credits' in blocks. For example, a 500 GB block would allow you to reclaim 500 GB of space using NXPowerLite before having to purchase more credit. Usage is tracked and reported centrally and the software will automatically stop working when your available credit is exhausted. 

PDF Reduction improvements

  • Added support for ASCII encoded PDFs
  • Added the ability to strip out some types of PDF marked content
  • Allow images with inverted default decode arrays
  • Added support for double filtered images

PDF re-optimization

  • NXPowerLite will re-optimize all PDFs processed with previous versions of NXPowerLite. Taking advantage of the new features added in versions 6 and 7. This means you’ll reclaim additional space even if NXPowerLite has already processed them. In addition to the above PDF features files will the following content will be re-optimized:
    • Images with default decode arrays
    • CCITTFaxDecode to JBIG2
    • Uncompressed streams are Flate compressed
    • Compressed object streams
    • Images with SMasks
    • Indexed CMYK images

Support for files created with Office 2016
Single pass optimization

  • The ability to stop after the currently configured folders have been processed

More flexible date rules

  • NXPowerLite can optimize files according to their last modified or last accessed time-stamps. We have changed the units that can be configured from months to days. 

New file optimization rules (Defaults can be overridden, please contact us for details)

  • Ignore files below 32KB
  • Maximum support size of Zip file (2GB)
  • Successful reduction of files by 10KB or more

Minor UI and report bug fixes

Version 6 releases

6.2.15 (1st March 2016 | Engine r12204)

Bugfix release

6.2.14 (24th January 2016 | Engine r12090)

Bugfix release

6.2.13 (2nd December 2015 | Engine r11954)

Bugfix release

6.2.11 (17th June 2015 | Engine r11350)

Bugfix release

6.2.9 (29th April 2015 | Engine r11210)

Quickscan bugfixes

Multiple bugfixes

6.2.6 (16th December 2014 | Engine r10656 )

Quick Scan: Many report improvements including adding 'Buy Now' and 'Contact' links in all languages currently supported.
Multiple bugfixes

NXPowerLite Quick Scan Only 6.2.1 (26th September 2014 | Engine N/A)
[ and English websites only]

Add 'Buy Now' and 'Contact' links to the help menu and the report.

6.2.0 (19th September 2014 | Engine r10222)

Enabled NXPowerLite to work in conjunction with Journalling based backup systems. The last accessed time of a file is now NOT updated by NXPowerLite
Improved the re-optimization of files algorithm
Added newly styled icon and logo
Simplified the behaviour of how NXPowerLite when there is no data to optimize in configured folders. It now checks once per 24hr period.
Added Japanese localization updates
Many minor UI improvements
Multiple bug fixes

6.1.3 (17th June 2014 | Engine r9706)

Bugfix release

6.1.1  (10th June 2014 | Engine r9675)

Bugfix release

6.1.0 (22nd April 2014 | Engine r9567)

Uncompressed TIFF file compression

We have added the ability to compress TIFF files. Any TIFF files containing only uncompressed images will now be compressed using lossless LZW compression.
PDF reduction improvements
We’ve greatly increased the range of content that we can optimize inside of PDF files, and also added support for the following PDF subsets:
Office 2013 support and Office reduction improvements
NXPowerLite will now process files created in versions of Microsoft Office up to and including Office 2013. We have also expanded the types of content that we can optimize inside of Office documents including support for embedded TIFF files.
Report Improvements
We have included more information and adjusted the report structure to increase clarity and make them much more useful.
Multiple bug fixes

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