Resolution: Unsupported file feature

When WeCompress displays the message "Unsupported file feature" it usually relates to a feature enabled in Office files called 'Fast Save'.

How Fast Save Works

Office 2003 and earlier have the option to enable (or disable) 'Fast saves'. When Fast Save is enabled, the act of saving a file doesn’t actually involve your entire file when you click the save button located on the toolbar, or when you press the CTRL+​S hotkey. Instead, it only appends the changes you have made to the original document. In this way, the amount of information being saved with each save command is significantly reduced.

Resolution: Enable WeCompress to compress the file

There are two ways to resolve the issue before resubmitting to WeCompress to compress:

Disable Fast Save and resave the file using Office 2003 or earlier

Follow these steps to disable the fast save feature in your Office 2003 application.

  1. Click on Tools in the top menu.
  2. Select Options from the menu list.
  3. Click on the Save tab.
  4. Under the Save options section, uncheck the box beside Allow fast saves.
  5. Click OK.

Resave the file using Office 2007 or later

If you resave the file in Office 2007 or later Fast save information will be removed as these versions of Office do not support the feature.

Open the file in Office 2007 or later

Go to File menu option then 'Save As...'

Rename the file and click Save (You get to keep the original just in case)

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