An explanation of WeCompress messages

You've probably landed here because WeCompress was unable to compress your file. There are many reasons why a file cannot be compressed and we've detailed them in the table below:

Error message

File is already compressed WeCompress has already optimized this file. Reducing further could adversely affect the quality of the file.
File is encrypted or password protected WeCompress does not process these types of files. Please remove password protection or encryption from file before using WeCompress.
File is digitally signed The file has a digital signature which WeCompress would render invalid and therefore cannot process. Remove the digital signature before processing and re-add afterwards.
File feature unsupported This applies to fast-saved documents created in early version of Microsoft Office. Save the file in a version of Office  2003 or greater and then optimize.
Unsupported file format The file has an extension that does not match the documented format of the file. A common example of this is a .RTF file saved with .DOC file extension.
File version is too new Files created by Office 2016 (version 16) or PDF version higher than v1.7 ext. 8 will not be processed. 
File version is too old Files created by versions of Office 97 or PDF with versions less than v1.4 will not be processed.
Unsupported PDF file WeCompress cannot process this PDF file. It is likely that the file is either a PDF portfolio file or is of a subset of PDF that is not yet supported.


If you are still unsure as to why it cannot be compressed then please contact us.

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