Manually remove NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac)

NXPowerLite comes with an uninstall script (uninstall.command) which should be run to completely remove NXPowerLite. It is located in the Applications/NXPowerLite directory. If the script is not used to remove NXPowerLite Desktop then you are likely in a situation where you cannot completely remove the old version and/or install newer versions.


If you have deleted it then you can download and try it from the corresponding downloads v7 Uninstall script | v8 Uninstall script | v9 Uninstall script

If the script does not work or you continue to see problems then please follow these steps:

1. Resolve error message 'You already have a different NXPowerLite product installed'

This problem occurs during the installation of NXPowerLite Desktop for Mac if it detects an incomplete uninstallation of a previous version of the software.

If this happens, the installer will put up the error message and not allow installation to continue.

The solution is as follows:

  • Launch a Terminal window, which can be found in Application -> Utilities.
  • Run the following two commands:
    • sudo pkgutil --forget 'com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite.pkg'
    • sudo pkgutil --forget 'com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.pkg'

Note the sudo command will probably prompt for an administrator password, and that the command is case-sensitive.

2. Clean NXPowerLite Desktop Files

We suggest using 3rd party software AppCleaner to delete all the related NXPowerLite files in one easy step.

If you are unable to use that App then please find and remove the following files (if they exist):

  • /Applications/NXPowerLite Desktop/NXPowerLite
  • /Applications/NXPowerLite Desktop
  • /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Scripts/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.NXPowerFinderExtension
  • /Users/USERNAME /Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/NXPowerLite Desktop_9E4CF082-73BD-5256-9309-DB4D7ED9AD4B.plist
  • /Users/USERNAME /Library/Application Support
  • /Users/USERNAME /Library/Caches/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop
  • /Users/USERNAME /Library/Containers/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.NXPowerFinderExtension
  • /Users/USERNAME /Library/Group Containers/com.NeuxPower
  • /Users/USERNAME /Library/Preferences/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.plist
  • /private/var/db/receipts/com/
  • /private/var/db/receipts/com/NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.pkg.plist
  • /private/var/folders/tw/lj688_r92gl77tg71b8bk40h0000gn/C/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop
  • /private/var/folders/tw/lj688_r92gl77tg71b8bk40h0000gn/C/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.NXPowerFinderExtension
  • /private/var/folders/tw/lj688_r92gl77tg71b8bk40h0000gn/T/com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.NXPowerFinderExtension

Where USERNAME is the name of your mac user.

Once these steps are complete your mac is cleaned of NXPowerLite Desktop and you can install new versions without issue.

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