Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?

The most common reasons NXPowerLite cannot optimize a file are:

  • The file is of an unsupported type and a message is shown in NXPowerLite Desktop results screen. For a full explanation of the messages see Can you explain the reason NXPowerLite Desktop didn't reduce my file?
  • You are not using the latest version of NXPowerLite. Please check this support article for download details.
  • The file is corrupt. See troubleshooting steps 1 & 2 below.
  • Files are stored on a network drive or attached device where NXPowerLite does not have permission to complete the optimization process. See troubleshooting steps 1 & 2 below.

Troubleshooting guide

1. Re-save the file on a local drive

Open the file's editing application and save the file with a different file name onto a local drive (e.g. your desktop), then retry compression with NXPowerLite Desktop.

2. Ensure the file and backup/optimized copy folder is a local hard drive

Copy the file to be optimized to a local hard drive (e.g. the computer's desktop). Also, ensure that the backup or optimized copy will be created on a local hard drive. If this works then it is likely an access permissions issue on your local machine.

3. Use our free online compression WeCompress

Try compressing the file with our free service at www.WeCompress.com. If this works then the latest version of NXPowerLite is likely to work too (upgrade tips).  If you are using the latest version it is likely to be an issue with your local machine.

4. Review specific error messages

Sometimes when an unexpected error occurs NXPowerlite will offer the chance to report it to us. The contents of the report detail specific reasons for the error. Review specific errors and suggested resolutions.

5. Analyze the content of the file

Try analyzing the content of the file in our free online service at www.wecompress.com/en/analyze. It will also give you tips as to how you can compress the content that is not supported by NXPowerLite.

6. Share the file for further investigation

If any these actions fail to help NXPowerLite compress the file and you think that it should be able to be compressed then, please share the file with us. We will be able to analyze it in more detail and determine the nature of the issue.

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