Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?

The most common reasons NXPowerLite cannot optimize a file are:

  • You are not using the latest version of NXPowerLite. Please check this support article for download details.
  • The file is corrupt 
  • Files are stored on a network drive or attached device where NXPowerLite does not have permissions to complete the optimization process. 

Suggested fixes
Re-save the file on a local drive
Open the file's editing application and save the file with a different file name onto  local drive (e.g. your desktop)

Ensure the file and backup/optimized copy folder is a local hard drive
Copy the file to be optimized to a local hard drive (e.g. the computer's desktop). Also, ensure that the backup or optimized copy will be created on a local hard drive.

Further Help
If neither of these actions allows NXPowerLite to optimize the file and you think that it should be able to be reduced then please share the file with us. We will be able to analyze it and determine the nature of the issue.

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