NXPowerLite Desktop FAQ

I've lost my NXPowerLite Desktop registration details, what can I do?

Use the automated registration key reminder service to recover your registration details.

Can I download older versions of NXPowerLite Desktop?

Yes. The currently supported versions are available from NXPowerLite Downloads (All products) Please contact us if you have a license for a version of NXPowerLite not listed and we will be happy to explain your options.

I'm an existing customer with a new PC. How can I set up NXPowerLite on it?

NXPowerLite Desktop is licensed per-user and each user can install it on up to 3 machines. Any other user will need a license of NXPowerLite Desktop.

In order to get back up and running please follow these steps:

Can I use my NXPowerLite license on both Windows and Mac?

You can switch between Windows and Mac without penalty as NXPowerLite Desktop is licensed per user, not per machine. NXPowerLite Desktop registration keys are designed to work on both the Windows and Mac versions of the equivalent version number. So a version 7 key for NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows) will also unlock version 7 of NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac).

You don't need to let us know if you want to cross-grade. Simply download the version of the software that you have a licence for to your new machine and use your existing key to unlock it. All current and previous versions of NXPowerLite can be downloaded on the support page NXPowerLite Downloads (All products)

All registration keys are also backwardly compatible, so each key can unlock the current version and all previous versions too.

Are there bulk deployment options for IT managers or administrators?

Yes. It can be provided as a Windows Installer .MSI file (for either the x86 or x64 architecture), which makes it easy to install and register automatically, for example via Group Policy. Default settings and behavior can be set automatically using simple command-line options Registry scripts.

See the deployment options guide.

For NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac) there is currently no centralized deployment option.

What languages is NXPowerLite available in?

NXPowerLite is currently available in the following languages: Chinese (simplified)*, Chinese (traditional)*, Dutch*, English, French, German, Italian*, Japanese, Korean*, Portuguese (Brazil)* & Spanish.

* Not available in NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac).

What does NXPowerLite do to embedded documents and charts within Microsoft Office files?

NXPowerLite can flatten embedded documents and charts in certain circumstances. Below we outline the scope of the current behaviour and future development plans.

Embedded documents
NXPowerLite v7.x will only flatten embedded documents in Office binary formats (.DOC, .PPT, .XLS). Office XML files (.DOCX, .PPTX or .XLSX)  embedded within other Office XML files will be optimized but not flattened.

Embedded charts
If an XLSX file contains embedded charts it usually has an associated embedded XLSX file included in the file. This file has all the data required to represent the chart plus any other data in the file. NXPowerLite v9 onwards can remove the embedded file and create a smaller embedded file containing only the data required to view the chart. The result is the chart looks the same and the data points can still be edited but the file is much smaller. 

NXPowerLite v7, 8 & 9 can also flatten charts to a picture representation inside binary files or charts made with XLS files inside XML documents. This does not retain the ability to edit chart data.

Work-around for flattening embedded charts

A manual work-around is possible by following these steps:

Inserting new charts:
Create the chart inside Excel
Copy the chart
Inside the destination document, paste in the chart by using the 'Picture' option in the paste menu

For existing embedded charts:
Select the chart
Right click and select 'Cut'
Right-click and select the 'Picture' option in the paste menu

In both cases an image will replace the chart and embedded data.

Can I optimize several files at once (batch processing)?

NXPowerLite Desktop can be used to process multiple files in one batch. Up to 10,000 files can be optimized, however, the performance and reliability of the application will depend on the specifications of the computer (and network) running NXPowerLite.

For a more stable way to optimize large quantities of files, we recommend using NXPowerLite for File Servers, which is designed to process many files on a server or data store.

During the 14-day evaluation period, NXPowerLite will limit the number of files that can be processed at the same time to 20. To remove this limitation and allow up to 10,000 files in a batch, you will need to buy the software and register it with a valid registration key.

NXPowerLite can flatten embedded documents and charts in certain circumstances. Below we outline the scope of the current behavior and future development plans.

Which email clients does NXPowerLite work with?

NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows only) can be set to automatically reduce email file attachments in the following email clients:

  • Outlook* (2007-2016 | 32 & 64 bit versions)
  • Lotus Notes** (6.0 - 9.x)

* Automatic zipping of emails is only available for Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016

** By default, NXPowerLite cannot integrate with a Lotus Notes multi-user environment. To enable this feature see NXPowerLite deployment in a Lotus Notes environment.

NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac) does not support automatic email processing with any email client.

Is there a manual/documentation for NXPowerLite Desktop? 

Yes. Manuals can be downloaded using the following links:

NXPowerLite Desktop 9 Windows (PDF | 151 KB)

NXPowerLite Desktop 9 Mac (PDF | 141 KB)

Do I need to have Microsoft Office installed to optimize a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file?

No, you don't need to have Microsoft Office installed. However, better results will be achieved with some Word documents if Microsoft Word is installed.

Do I need to have image editing software installed to optimize a JPEG file?

No, you don't need to have any image editing software installed.

Do I need to have Adobe Acrobat installed to optimize a PDF file?

No, you don't need to have Adobe Acrobat installed.

What is ‘Evaluation Mode’ in NXPowerLite Desktop?

When you first start NXPowerLite Desktop Edition, it will open in ‘Evaluation Mode’. This mode is designed for people that want to test NXPowerLite before buying the software.

In Evaluation mode, the software is fully functional for 14 days after which point it will cease to operate. You will need to register the software to continue using NXPowerLite.

To register the software, click either the ‘Enter Key...’ button that appears on the NXPowerLite ‘About’ screen, or select ‘Enter registration key...’ from NXPowerLite’s ‘Help’ menu. A window will appear containing boxes for you to enter your name and 25-character registration code.

Can I replace my original file or do I have to create optimized copies?

By default, NXPowerLite will create copies of original files in the same folder.

It is possible to change the default Save setting by clicking on the dropdown control to switch between the three different settings:

  • Create optimized copy (Default)
  • Back up and replace original
  • Replace original


Create optimized copy

A new optimized file will be created in the configured folder and the copy of the original file will have (NXPowerLite Copy) appended to the name of the file. The original file will be untouched.

Backup and replace original

The original file will be deleted and replaced with a smaller version. The original file will be renamed as a backup and placed in the configured folder. The backup file will have (NXPowerLite Backup) appended to the name of the file.

Replace original

NXPowerLite will replace the original file without any backup. This is a one-way process and cannot be reversed, so NXPowerLite will warn you before completing the process.

Create Copy / Back up in

It is possible to select the folder where copies or backups are stored. Use the Create backup in / Create copy in dropdown control to select either the same folder or a specific folder path.


Why won’t NXPowerLite optimize my .zip archive?

NXPowerLite can only optimize standard/legacy .zip archives that contain Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG or PDF files. If your .zip archive is non-standard, does not contain any of these file types, or is encrypted/password protected, NXPowerLite will not be able to optimize it

Can NXPowerLite Desktop automatically reduce/optimize my email attachments?

Yes, The Windows version of NXPowerLite can automatically reduce email attachments but the Mac OS X version does not have this functionality.

NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows) can optimize file attachments automatically and has plugins/add-ins to the following email clients:

  • 32 & 64-bit versions of Outlook 2002-2016
  • Lotus Notes (6.0 - 9.x)
  • Outlook Express (6.0+)

Please note: Automatic zipping of emails is only available for Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016

Does NXPowerLite integrate with Adobe Reader software?

NXPowerLite does not currently integrate with Adobe Reader.

With which versions of Microsoft Office does NXPowerLite Windows integrate?

Microsoft Office integration requires Office 2002-2019 (32-bit & 64-bit).

The add-in for Outlook allows you to automatically optimize and zip* your email attachments.

The add-ins for PowerPoint, Word and  Excel allow you to optimize and save your file.

* Please note that automatically zipping email attachments is only available in Outlook 2010 onwards.

Can I use NXPowerLite with Mac OS X Finder?

Yes. The option to install NXPowerLite's Finder integration is enabled during installation of the software and it is enabled by default. The following options will become available when you right-click (or command-click) on a PDF, PowerPoint, JPEG or Word file: 


Add to NXPowerLite
Opens NXPowerLite main screen and adds the file(s) ready for optimizing. If NXPowerLite is already open the file(s) will be added to the list.

Optimize and email
Will optimize the file(s) immediately and attach them to a new email message in the default email client.

Will optimize the file (s) immediately; either replacing the original file or creating a copy in the same folder, depending on the selection you choose in the Optimize sub-menu options as below:


Create optimized copies
Choose this option to mimic the behavior in previous versions of NXPowerLite. Original files will be left untouched and a new optimized file will be created in the same folder as the original file.

Backup and replace
Selecting this option will replace the original file with an optimized version while also creating a backup of the original file. The backup file will be placed in the same folder as the original file

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