Upgrading to SDK v9

We have designed SDK v9 such that it should seamlessly enable upgrading from version 8 to 9 with a drop-in replacement of files. However, if you are upgrading from v7 or earlier please see Upgrading NXPowerLite SDK from v7 to v8 and breaking changes.

Code change recommendation

We recommend that you take advantage of the following new settings that have been opened up in the SDK v9and will mean better compression on a significant amount of files:

  • SubsetEmbeddedFontsPDF
  • AllowQuantizationPowerPoint
  • AllowQuantizationWord
  • AllowQuantizationExcel

To ease the upgrading process and allow for your specific feature-testing, all of the new settings above default to 'false' meaning the features are disabled. These settings have all been enabled on our free online service wecompress.com (400,000 monthly users) for some time and we have seen lots of better compression without any issues.

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