Release history: NXPowerLite SDK

9.1.4 (8th March 2022)

Bug Fix

  • Updated PDF compression library to fix a bug with subsetting PDF fonts. The scope of this is unclear but it seemed to affect only a small subset of PDF files that contained fonts that were already subsetted.

9.1.0 (19th August 2021)


  • Delete cropped areas of images now works in PPTX files (Does not work in DOCX or XLSX files)
  • Flatten Embedded Objects feature now works in PPTX files created in an Office version prior to Office 2019. (Does not work in DOCX or XLSX files or PPTX files created in Office 2019 or later)
  • Re-optimization: If a PDF or Office XML file was previously optimized by a version of NXPowerLite v8 or below, optimization will be attempted again.

9.0.3 (3rd December 2020)


  • Add options to reduce the color depth of PNG images within Office files (New settings: AllowQuantizationPowerPoint, AllowQuantizationWord, and AllowQuantizationExcel)
  • Add the option to subset PDF files (New setting: SubsetEmbeddedFontsPDF)
  • NXPowerLite can now flatten embedded charts in DOCX and PPTX files (Improved settings: AllowRemoveHiddenContentPowerPoint, AllowRemoveHiddenWord, and AllowRemoveHiddenContentExcel)
    • If the feature is enabled NXPowerLite will preserve the data required to render the chart and remove the underlying XLSX file that was originally used. MS Office embedded inside the file, the whole spreadsheet where the chart data resided rather than just the data required for the chart so it was easy to get huge files with just a few charts embedded.
  • NXPowerLite will now optimize images that appear in the header or footer of a DOCX file. (Improved general office compression - no setting)

More detailed information on what was included in this release is covered in the blog 7 steps to a better file compressor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where NXPowerLite would crash if it tried to process a certain category of PPTX file.
  • We fixed an issue affecting PPTX files containing embedded objects, which could cause some applications (not including PowerPoint itself) to fail to open optimized files.
  • Make NXPowerLite skip large images that were making it crash
  • Better memory management to stop PDFs with large images crashing NXPowerLite.
  • Enabled processing of files downloaded from, previously these would be unsupported.
  • Fixed a bug that made NXPowerLite crash with Office files that had content with different capitalization that the documented specification
  • Fixed a bug that made NXPowerLite crash on files with internal content incorrectly referenced. Now, these files can be compressed.

8.0.9 (18th December 2019)


  • NXPowerLite SDK now reduces PNG files
  • Multiple MS Office reduction improvements meaning more files are reduced by more
  • PDF compression library improvements for improved PDF compression and stability
  • Skip images in PowerPoint Slide masters
  • Compression settings for PowerPoint, Word and Excel can now be set individually, previously it was only possible to set ‘Office’ collection settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduce shapes with image backgrounds in office XML files.
  • Embedded object in DOCX has no <v:shape> element
  • Optimize pictures that are specified in the VML namespace in Office documents
  • OOXML documents that contain images with arbitrary extensions optimize correctly

Learn more about upgrading from SDK v7 to SDK v8 

7.1.14 (7th December 2016 | Engine r13611)

Bug fix release

7.1.5 (9th June 2017 | Engine r13386)


  • Added OptimizeAndReplace methods for the optimizer to the main C-API and each code wrapper. This is a convenience function that allows a file to be optimized ‘in-place’ (i.e. the input file becomes optimized), rather than having to create an optimized separate file then needs to be copied in place of the original.
  • Upgraded the PDF processing library to 10.1.0 Plus P5C. This enables improved and more stable processing of PDF files.
  • PDF created by Fujitsu scanners (Fi-6110) can now be processed. These scanners create files with additional data in the file header. We have improved NXPowerLite so it can now handle these files.
  • Multiple Bug Fixes

7.0.9 (7th December 2016 | Engine r12846)

Bug fix release

7.0.7 (16th June 2016 | Engine r12434)

Re-instated a full Java wrapper, now with all features of other wrappers

7.0.4 (20th April 2016 | Engine r12361)

Newly design interface (breaking changes)

Office 2016 support

PDF reduction improvements

Allow multiple optimizers

Multiple bug fixes

*Removed Java and Command line wrappers

6.2.15 (1st March 2016 | Engine r12204)

Bugfix Release

6.2.14 (24th January 2016 | Engine r12090)

Bugfix release

6.2.13 (2nd December 2015 | Engine r11954)

Bugfix release

6.2.11 (16th June 2016 | Engine r11350)

Bugfix release

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