Release history: NXPowerLite SDK

8.0.9 (18th December 2019)


  • NXPowerLite SDK now reduces PNG files
  • Multiple MS Office reduction improvements meaning more files are reduced by more
  • PDF compression library improvements for improved PDF compression and stability
  • Skip images in PowerPoint Slide masters
  • Compression settings for PowerPoint, Word and Excel can now be set individually, previously it was only possible to set ‘Office’ collection settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduce shapes with image backgrounds in office XML files.
  • Embedded object in DOCX has no <v:shape> element
  • Optimize pictures that are specified in the VML namespace in Office documents
  • OOXML documents that contain images with arbitrary extensions optimize correctly

Learn more about upgrading from SDK v7 to SDK v8 

7.1.14 (7th December 2016 | Engine r13611)

Bug fix release

7.1.5 (9th June 2017 | Engine r13386)


  • Added OptimizeAndReplace methods for the optimizer to the main C-API and each code wrapper. This is a convenience function that allows a file to be optimized ‘in-place’ (i.e. the input file becomes optimized), rather than having to create an optimized separate file then needs to be copied in place of the original.
  • Upgraded the PDF processing library to 10.1.0 Plus P5C. This enables improved and more stable processing of PDF files.
  • PDF created by Fujitsu scanners (Fi-6110) can now be processed. These scanners create files with additional data in the file header. We have improved NXPowerLite so it can now handle these files.
  • Multiple Bug Fixes

7.0.9 (7th December 2016 | Engine r12846)

Bug fix release

7.0.7 (16th June 2016 | Engine r12434)

Re-instated a full Java wrapper, now with all features of other wrappers

7.0.4 (20th April 2016 | Engine r12361)

Newly design interface (breaking changes)

Office 2016 support

PDF reduction improvements

Allow multiple optimizers

Multiple bug fixes

*Removed Java and Command line wrappers

6.2.15 (1st March 2016 | Engine r12204)

Bugfix Release

6.2.14 (24th January 2016 | Engine r12090)

Bugfix release

6.2.13 (2nd December 2015 | Engine r11954)

Bugfix release

6.2.11 (16th June 2016 | Engine r11350)

Bugfix release

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