Updating from v7 to v8 of NXPowerLite for File Servers

There have been some major structural changes to the software under the hood which has meant that some settings and configuration will be lost during the upgrade from Version 7 to Version 8 of NXPowerLite for File Servers.

Note: Migration happens at the point that version 8 is registered, so please register before checking the software.

What is migrated

  • All Single-Pass and Evaluation Reports
  • The Live report will be updated with all the data included

What is not migrated to v8 and needs to be manually re-configured

  • Configured folders on the dashboard (You can now copy and paste folders from explorer)
  • Any configured profiles (Files to Include, Settings or Schedule)
  • The account used for the NXPowerLite File Server Windows service. Please see Configuring the NXPowerLite Windows Service for details on how to reconfigure.


If you previously used a custom registry key to configure rescanning in Auto-loop mode (Anti Thrashing Mins) that will now be shown in the new UI preferences area (Pause if there are no new files for:).

Any other custom registry key features will not be migrated. e.g. Minimum File Size

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