NXPowerLite for File Servers Preferences

Run Mode

To switch between run modes select 'Preferences...' under the 'File' menu.

Single Pass

NXPowerLite will process all the files inside the configured folders and drives and then stop and produce a report, needing to be manually restarted or re-configured. A detailed report of NXPowerLite's progress through the Single Pass run is available in the 'Reports' item 'Single Pass Reports'.

Loop Automatically

NXPowerLite will process all the files in the configured folders/drives and then automatically re-start processing the same folders again. This means that subsequent runs it is likely to process files that have been added since the original pass through the folders/drives or files that were skipped due to configured age rules. This option enables administrators to set the configuration once and ensure that NXPowerLite always processes these folders/drives in the background.

Pause if there are no new files for:

If NXPowerLite does not find any data to optimize then it will automatically pause for 24 hours (1440 minutes) before trying the same folders again. Amend this setting to change the waiting period before NXPowerLite for File Servers rescans (minimum 1 minute). For example, if you wish to rescan every 5 minutes set the value to 5.


Rescanning data is used to speed up compression by quickly skipping incompressible files. Compression will be slower after clearing this data.

Clear rescanning data

It is possible to allow NXPowerLite for File Servers to flush the data it stores about the files it has encountered. You may wish to do this in the event of an upgrade or if there is a problem with NXPowerLite for File Servers.

There are 5 categories that files can fall into:

Category Explanation
Compressed files Files that have been successfully compressed.
Unsupported content Supported files that NXPowerLite has attempted to compress but cannot due to unsupported file content
JPEGS below the minimum threshold JPEGs that are below the 1Megapixel minimum threshold. Contact us if you wish to change this setting.
Compression failure Files that NXPowerLite could not fully process due to an error. 
Unsupported features Files that are of supported file extension but not supported file type. For example, RTF file saved with a .doc extension.


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