NXPowerLite SDK recommended settings

We have deliberately made the optimization settings for NXPowerLite SDK conservative. There are however some features of the SDK to which we would like to draw you attention. These can make significant differences to the reduction in file sizes.

In most cases these recommendations will not affect the way in which users interact with the files, so please consider each of the following settings when evaluating. 

Property: AllowRemoveHiddenContentPDF

(Pre-v7 property: DeletePrivateAppDataPDF)

Description: Private application data in PDFs is mainly application-specific content left in the file when the PDF is created e.g. Adobe Illustrator can embed essentially the .ai file inside so that you can, in theory, open the PDF in Illustrator and continue editing it. This is on by default in our Desktop product and for your application, I’d say you are pretty safe with this setting being on too. Given that PDF represents more than 10x the volume of the next nearest format I’d say this was your biggest potential gain.
Default: false
Recommendation: Consider setting to true.

See also: What does 'Delete private application data' mean?

Property: DotsPerInchPDF
Description: This is used by the application to figure how much smaller it should make images in PDFs. Again based on the volume of PDF files I reckon this could make a pretty decent difference to the results you are seeing. For reference our Desktop app screen settings default to 128
Recommendation: consider setting to 150 maybe lower

Property: AllowCroppingOffice
Description: If an image is cropped inside the Office application, it retains the missing part of the image. If this is set to true then the missing parts of the images will be discarded.
Default: false
Recommendation: Consider setting to true.

Property: DotsPerInchOffice
Description: This is used by the application to figure how much smaller it should make images in Office files.
Default: 200
Recommendation: consider setting to 150 or maybe 128 like our Desktop app

Property: AllowRemoveHiddenContentOffice

(Pre-v7 property: FlattenEmbeddedObjectsOffice)

Description: This includes things like Excel charts pasted into Word docs in the old .doc/xls formats which will be converted to an image of the chart without all the data behind it. Also copy and pasted images from applications like Photoshop where the layers etc. get stored in the Office file. As flattening in some cases removes the ability to edit data like in the chart example, this can be a bit riskier to set on. You only have a smallish volume of Office files moving through – although the flattening can in some cases double the reduction achieved.
Recommendation: Consider setting to true, if you think that it is unlikely to cause problems for your users. 

See also:

What does 'Flatten embedded documents' mean?

Property: AllowRemoveMetadataJPEG

(Pre-v7 property: PreserveJPEGMetadataJPEG)

Description: Switching this to false will mean any JPEG images processed by NXPowerLite would have all their EXIF metadata removed. This is likely to affect the size, but if you send images where retaining that metadata is important then probably best to leave this setting switched to true.
Default: true
Recommendation:see above

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