Custom schedule profiles

By default NXPowerLite will run without a schedule i.e. it will run without interruption until either the job is complete (Evaluation mode) or the software pauses awaiting new content (Optimize mode). However, because it may not be optimal to run NXPowerLite at the same time as say a Backup tool, it may be desirable to set a custom schedule so that NXPowerLite runs only during "quiet" periods. For example you may want to run the software in the evenings during the week and all day at weekends, but start at a specific future time and date.

Creating a custom schedule

You can create a custom schedule by selecting 'New profile...' option in the Schedule drop-down control on the Dashboard. A schedule profile is made up of 1 or more time slots. Time slots do not have an end time or date but are repeated periods of time because of the cyclic nature of NXPowerLite in Optimize Mode. There are many repeat options and these options vary depending on the start date and time selected.

Please note: NXPowerLite will automatically adjust the schedule according to changes to the system clock, time zone or Daylight saving. 

Profile Name

Each profile has to be given a unique name, although you can use the same profile name for another type of profile i.e. Settings profile or Files To Include profile. We suggest using a descriptive name to help explain what it does or a specific area to which it should be applied. For example you may want to call a particular profile 'Evenings & weekends' or 'Marketing area'.

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