How to replace all image instances in PowerPoint

Imagine if you have a 50-slide presentation, with a logo on each slide that needs to be updated. Using PowerPoint's change picture feature you would have to change them one logo at a time! Slidewise can do it in a fraction of the time, with just one action - here's how.

The video above shows how to quickly replace all the instances of an image in your presentation in one action, leaving crop information unchanged with the Slidewise PowerPoint add-in.

How to replace multiple image instances in 4 steps:

After you have installed your Slidewise trial:
1. Open your presentation, and show Slidewise using the button on the Slidewise tab.
2. Click on the first image instance that you want to replace to jump to it in the Slidewise index.
3. Click on the ellipsis menu next to the image and choose "Replace image"
4. Select the replacement image and Slidewise will immediately change all instances to the new image.

Download a free 14-day trial of Slidewise:



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