Easily organize slide masters and layouts in PowerPoint

Managing slide masters and layouts can be a very daunting task. The PowerPoint User Interface makes it very hard to see all of the slides using a single layout and so trying to consolidate takes a lot of time and patience.

Then there's the issue of easily deleting a slide master, knowing with confidence that it is not in use. That's such a nervy feeling with only PowerPoint to help.

Here's where Slidewise takes centre stage. It reveals all the information about slide masters and layouts to enable you to consolidate with speed and confidence. 

In the following video, you'll see how to re-assign slide layouts and Slidewise making it clear to the user that a slide master contains only unused slides. Plus, you can see how to easily delete an unused slide master - even if it is preserved.

Check it out at www.neuxpower.com/slidewise.

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