Export any media from PowerPoint

With just one simple option, export and save all media in your presentation with Slidewise. No need to rename your file as a zip file and dig around in the innards of the file.

You can also export any specific content type. For example, save all videos or save all SVGs.

How to export all media in 4 steps:

  • Open your presentation with Slidewise installed.
  • In the Fonts and media tab, click on the ellipsis menu button next to the first node, Presentation.
  • Select Export Media...
  • Choose a folder to export all media.

The selected folder will be automatically opened showing all the media in the presentation.

Slidewise saves you lots of time with tasks that can take a long time to achieve manually or within PowerPoint. You can also easily extract subsets of the media too, for example:

  • Extract, or save all images in PPT
  • Save all videos in PPT
  • Save all audio in PPT
  • Save all embeddings in PPT

Check out this and many other productivity features by trying it for free for 14-days now.


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