Add multiple folders with specific characters in their names

Use this approach if you need to quickly select multiple folders to add into NXPowerLite based on the folder names containing specific characters. For example, if you want to add all of the folders that include the word “nxp”.

There isn’t a built-in function to do this in NXPowerLite but the search function in Microsoft Explorer makes this very easy. Open Explorer and navigate to the top-level folder. In the example below you can see that there are three sub-folders, and only two folders have "nxp" in their names.


Enter the characters you want to match in the search box at the top right, followed by “kind:folder”, for example, “nxp kind:folder”. This tells Explorer you want a list of all the folders that contain the word “nxp” anywhere in their names.


To add the folders to NXPowerLite, you need to select all of the folders in the search results list, hold down the Shift key, and right-click on the selected folders - select the “Copy as path” option. This will save the list of folder paths to the clipboard.


Open NXPowerLite for File Servers, and click the "Add multiple folders…" button. Then paste using Ctrl+V, or right click and select "Paste" to add the list of paths into dialog. Then click OK to add them to the list of folders for NXPowerLite to compress.


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