NXPowerLite Desktop file-specific error messages

The table below lists error messages that can be reported in NXPowerLite when it fails to compress a file. We have listed the most common issue below along with a way to try to resolve them.

For the most errors, we would always recommend upgrading to the latest version and retrying compression - it's free for 14-days! If you have NXPowerLite 6 or below we can only help with our troubleshooting guide.

Error message  Explanation  Suggested resolution 

PDF Exception


PDF library exception. Error code [n]
Where n is a number between 0 and 25.

This error usually indicates that there is a problem with the structure of the PDF, which NXPowerLite cannot process.

1. Ensure you are using the latest version of NXPowerLite as older version contains older PDF processing code that may have been subsequently fixed. (Try www.wecompress.com to check without installing)

2. Resave the PDF file on a local disk (e.g. your desktop) using the PDF editing application.

3. Share the file for investigation and we will inspect it.

 Unexpected exception Something unexpected happened when NXPowerLite tried to compress the file.

Follow the troubleshooting guide in Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?

For Excel files please also see Top 3 ways to compress an Excel file

 Entry in Zip not found This indicates that NXPowerLite is looking for something inside the file which is either no longer present or is in a different place. This could be due to corruption of the file or could indicate that NXPowerLite has a bug. Follow the troubleshooting guide in Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?
 Zip Extraction failed [] This error can have a number of causes. It may be that file contains links to other documents that are no longer present, or the file may be corrupt. Follow the troubleshooting guide in Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?
 Zip Write failed This error indicates that NXPowerLite encountered a problem when attempting to save the compressed file. Follow the troubleshooting guide in Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?
Unexpected file structure exception [Unbalanced BOF/EOF BIFF records] This error indicates that the file is password-protected which prevents NXPowerLite from compressing the file. Open the file and save it without a password. Once the file has been compressed you can reapply the password.
File created by new version of Office [not yet supported] The version of NXPowerLite Desktop you are using doesn't support files created in the version of Office that has been used. Review the Features and compatibility guides (Windows | Mac) to work out your upgrade option.
File creation failed [errno(13) - Permission denied] This error indicates that the file is either password protected or the user running NXPowerLite does not have full access permission rights. If the file is password protected remove it and retry with NXPowerLite. If not copy the file to a local disk (e.g. your desktop) before trying to compress.
I/O exception [errno(28) - No space left on device] This indicates that there is insufficient space for the file to be optimised at the current location. 1. Copy the file to be compressed to a local location on your computer (eg the Desktop or C: drive) before compressing it.
2. Or increasing the size of the  %temp% directory.
I/O exception [EvalPeriodStore::setDateTimes -- Failed to save file times]

This error is caused by a bug in NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v4.2.2 which was fixed in v4.2.3.

Download NXPowerLite v4.2.3 or upgrade to the latest version.
Failed to extract 0 byte XML file [] This indicates that the file may be corrupt.   Follow the troubleshooting guide in Why can't NXPowerLite reduce the size of my file?
File not found [[errno(2) - No such file or directory

This indicates that you do not have not have full read/write permissions to the temporary folder used by NXPowerLite when it optimises, in this case: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\

Contact your system administrator to adjust your permission settings.
Unexpected file structure exception [Content after last BLIP in WordDocument stream] NXPowerLite has detected an issue with the structure of the file. As a security feature, NXPowerLite will not optimise the file in its current state to avoid damaging it. 1. Re-save the file with a new name as .DOCX using the 'Save As' function.
2. Move the file to a local location on your computer, such as the C: drive or Desktop.
3. Optimise with NXPowerLite.
4. If required convert back to .DOC.
The encoding (CMap) specified by a font is missing The PDF file contains a particular font which is not present on the computer which NXPowerLite is using to compress the file. Install the missing font on your machine, or the creator of the PDF will need to embed the font in the PDF file when creating it.
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