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Current status

All systems working well.

Please report slow compression or analysis here. (Note that upload and download speeds are out of our control)

Incident history (All times GMT)

12:00 December 19 to 09:30 December 20 2019

Fixed issue where one Microsoft Azure instance handing the analysis part of the process was causing serious issues.  This means users would likely see very slow compression performance. Bad instance removed and service resumed with optimum performance.

10 September 2019

Fixed issue around the reliable analysis of files.

12 Jul 2019

10.00am: Rectified the performance of the cloud infrastructure.

01.00 am We are aware of some issues with our cloud platform provider that could slow the performance of the compression. We are working with them to rectify the performance.

8 Jul 2019

10.30am: Issue resolved. After adding a new analysis feature the infrastructure scaling rules were not effective. Added more resources to shorten the compression time.

8am: Site becoming unresponsive and compression taking a long time

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