Scheduled pause and resume of NXPowerLite Video service

It can take a long time to compress all your video files so you may want to run it outside of business hours. For example, evenings and weekends. Using Windows Task scheduler it is possible to pause and resume the NXPowerLite's compression automatically.

Important points about this feature

  1. It can be only be set to pause and resume once it has already been started manually (configured and started in the NXPowerLite Video Dashboard).
  2. It will not restart a run once the run has completed

Configure Windows Task Scheduler

In order to pause and resume the video file compression automatically, we need to automate stopping and starting of the underlying NXPowerLite Video service. Follow these steps:

1. Download the following scripts, rename the extension from .txt to .cmd and copy to the NXPowerLite Video installation directory (C:\Program Files\Neuxpower\NXPowerLite Video):

Stop NXPowerLite Video service.txt

Start NXPowerLite Video service.txt

2. Open Task Scheduler

3. In the Action menu click Create Basic Task to open the wizard

4. Give the Task a name, for example, 'Stop NXPowerLite Video Service' and an optional description.


5. Choose when the event will trigger. For this example, we want to pause on Monday mornings and resume on Friday evenings. So we choose Weekly radio option. and choose an appropriate date to start.


6. In the Action section, choose Start a program and select the path to either the start or stop scripts you downloaded in step 1. 

To pause choose: C:\Program Files\Neuxpower\NXPowerLite Video\Stop NXPowerLite Video service.cmd

To resume choose : C:\Program Files\Neuxpower\NXPowerLite Video\Start NXPowerLite Video service.cmd


7. Do not enter any arguments and choose Next.

8. On the final wizard, screen choose to Open the Properties dialog... option 


9. On the General tab enable Run with highest privileges checkbox.



Now when the program is set to run but is paused by the above configuration script you will see the Dashboard indicate that it is paused.


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