Use NXPowerLite Evaluation to test file compression and quality

It's really helpful to gather together some representative files so that you can check that they compress well and so you can then compare side by side and reassure yourself and/or your users that the compressed files look and perform just like the originals.

Our evaluation tool provides a quick and simple way to test the compression on your files. If you haven't already, you can download the evaluation tool here.

Please note the evaluation tool uses FFmpeg for audio editing Download the FFmpeg source code.

When you run the evaluation tool you will be asked to provide a folder where your files can be found, like this:


When you click 'Start' the software will move through the files in the selected folder, compressing each one and saving it as a new compressed copy in the same location. Each compressed file will have " (NXPowerLite Copy)" appended to the filename. So for example, when compressing a file called "Example document.doc" a new file will be created in the same location called "Example document (NXPowerLite Copy).doc".

Progress updates will be displayed whilst the software is compressing files. Please note that the evaluation tool will only compress up to 50 files in a single run.


When it has completed all of the files it has found the results will be displayed in a list like this:


From this screen you can either open the folder directly to check and compare files, or export the results to a CSV file.

The software will avoid files it has already compressed on subsequent runs. To demonstrate if we run it over the same folder as above straight away the results show that it has skipped all of the files in the location:


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