Add Slidewise to your Home tab in the PowerPoint ribbon

By default Slidewise adds its own tab to the PowerPoint ribbon. Some people may find this inconvenient, or that it causes problems if you have a lot of tabs. To work around this here are some instructions on how you can add the Slidewise show/hide button to your Home tab to make it easier to access.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and right-click anywhere on the ribbon - choose Customize the Ribbon...


Step 2: On the right-hand side you should click on Home in the Main Tabs list. Then click New Group button to create a new group to place your Slidewise button into.


Step 3: Click the Rename... button to change the name of your group to Slidewise. You can also now drag the group into the position on the ribbon you want.


Step 4: On the left-hand side now, select Main Tabs from the dropdown at the top. Then find and expand the Slidewise options in the tree. Select Show/Hide and then click Add >> to add the command to the new custom group you have created.


Step 5: Click OK to finish making changes to the ribbon. Note: If you don't want the Slidewise tab to show at all you can simply select the Slidewise group in the right-hand list of the dialog above and click << Remove.


The main Slidewise show/hide button will now appear on your Home tab.




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