32-bit Mac OS X Warning when starting NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac)


The version of Mac OS X due in September 2019 will only support 64-bit apps. Apple is notifying customers when they are using an app based on 32-bit technology. This is done via a one-time alert that appears when you launch a 32-bit app. In macOS Mojave, this alert appears once every 30 days when launching the app.

Why am I seeing this alert when I start NXPowerLite?
Starting with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, apps that have not been updated to use 64-bit processes produce a one-time alert when opened. This gives users advance notice that they are running 32-bit software, which will not be compatible with macOS in the future.
Can I keep using this version of NXPowerLite?
Yes. The latest version of NXPowerLite is a 32-bit application but we are working on an update to make it a 64-bit application.
When will the 64-bit version of NXPowerLite be available?
A 64-bit version of NXPowerLite will be available later in 2019. All existing customers will be notified of its availability.
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