Ftyp brand and NXPowerLite video

What is a Ftyp brand?

It is possible to create MP4 or MOV files which include custom data associated with specific devices or applications. This custom data extends the base file format and allows for additional functionality on those devices.

An Ftyp (or Compatible brand) is a four-letter code found within the structure of of MP4 or newer QuickTime (.mov) container file formats. It is used to identify the "type" of encoding used, the "compatibility", or the "intended usage" of a media file.

What Ftyp brands does NXPowerLite support?

For up to date information of compatibility see NXPowerLite Video File Support. At the time of writing this article the NXPowerLite can process files with the following Ftyp brands:

  • isom
  • iso2
  • mp41
  • mp42
  • avc1
  • qt
  • CAEP
  • MSNV

To allow video files with any Ftyp brand to be processed please see Disabling Strict Filtering.

How do I determine the Ftyp brand of my file?

It is possible to use the free tool MP4 inspector to determine the Ftyp brand of your video file. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install MP4 inspector
  2. Open MP4 inspector and open the video file or drag it onto the interface
  3. In the left-hand panel select the ftyp box
  4. Review the Box Data section to determine the Ftyp brand. The Ftyp is a combination of Major Brand and Minor version 

In the example below, the ftyp brand is qt which is an Apple QuickTime file


I have an unsupported Ftyp brand what should I do?

Please contact us and we can investigate adding support for your video files Ftyp brand.

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