NXPowerLite Video File Support

Below is a list containing details of the various attributes of video files that are supported by NXPowerLite. It is possible to allow more files to be processed by NXPowerLite Video by disabling the Strict Filtering applied by default. To do this follow the steps outlined in this support article.

Updated for v1.0.6

File Extensions

  • .MP4
  • .M4V
  • .MOV

Video Codec Support

  • H.264
  • AVC

Audio codec support

  • AAC
  • MPEG audio (MP3)
  • AC3 (Standard)

Track support

  • Single video tracks
  • Single audio tracks
  • Single *known metadata tracks

Ftyp brand support (What does Ftyp brand mean?)

  • isom
  • iso2
  • mp41
  • mp42
  • avc1
  • qt
  • CAEP
  • MSNV

Streaming and interlaced videos

NXPowerLite does not support either Streaming or interlaced video files. 

Variable frame rate videos

NXPowerLite supports all variable frame rate videos

Vertical and Horizontal oriented video

NXPowerLite supports both vertically and horizontally oriented video files and videos where both orientations are used.

If you have files that are unsupported please contact us and we can add your request for video file support to the development backlog

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