Access denied error for some or all files when NXPowerLite tries to process them

The first time a file is compressed with NXPowerLite on macOS the operating system will ask the user to confirm whether it can access the folder that the file was in. For example, Documents folder.

If you do not allow NXPowerLite access to the folder then it cannot compress the file and you may see an error as seen in the screenshot below.


It is possible for this system configuration to be reset or changed most likely in the event of an update to macOS. 

Resolution 1: Restore files and folder access for NXPowerLite

Configure which folders NXPowerLite can access by following these steps:

  • Head to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy and click on the “Files and Folders” option. This will show the Apps that have requested access to certain folders as below:

  • In the example image above, NXPowerLite has requested access to the Documents folder but it has not yet been allowed.
  • Click the lock in the bottom-left corner and enter your admin password to make changes
  • Check the box under the NXPowerLite app section, next to the folder that you wish to allow access.

Resolution 2: Re-install NXPowerLite.

Sometimes the above steps will not properly reset access permissions for NXPowerLite correctly and issues can still be experienced. In this case please reinstall NXPowerLite by following the steps in this support article






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