Feature overview: Slidewise, font and media manager for PowerPoint

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  1. Find hidden shapes or elements such as a rogue font used only on a single character in the textbox, or an image that’s been moved completely out of view.
  2. Quickly identify any large media (images, objects, audio, video etc.) that is driving up the size of your presentation. Then jump straight to it, so you can edit it.
  3. Replace fonts anywhere in your presentation, even in charts. Change multiple fonts at once or reset all shapes to use the theme fonts.
  4. See instantly if fonts are embedded fully or partially and easily embed, subset and remove fonts.

Watch Slidewise, the new PowerPoint add-in, take care of managing fonts and media in your presentation in no time at all. This means you can spend more time creating awesome content.

We'll also show you how to how you can navigate PowerPoint content in a way never before seen. Allowing you to locate troublesome content items and find those hidden fonts within Powerpoint really easily.


We all know that PPTs can become really big. Now you have an easy way to find out which media object is the culprit!

Best of all, you can try it for yourself for free for 14-days!

Check it out at www.neuxpower.com/slidewise.

Please do take some time to give us your comments, we'd love to hear from you with any feedback.

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