[v7] Understanding "Paused due to no data to optimize" status bar message

NXPowerLite for File Servers operates in cycles. It scans the configured folders and builds a list of supported files that can be optimized and then processes the list one by one. Once it has finished all the files on the candidate list it will start the entire process again.

If after scanning the configured folders it finds no data to optimize it will pause for a period of 24 hours, before retrying again. At this point the dashboard status bar will show the message "Paused - no data to optimize".


Note: The period of time it pauses can be configured by following the steps in Modifying the anti-thrashing wait period.

There are some factors to consider when configuring the settings of NXPowerLite for File Server which increase the likelihood of the software entering this state.

1. Incorrect service permissions

The NXPowerLite windows service does not have access permission to some or all of the configured folders.


Ensure the 'NXPowerLite File Server' Windows service is configured with a user account that has full permission (Read, write, update & delete) to each of the configured folders/drives.

2. Default 'File Types' profile used

The default File Type profile is configured such that the software will skip files that have been modified within the last month. 


To allow ALL files to be considered by NXPowerLite, please create a new file type profile and apply it to the folders that are configured. To do this:

Open the NXPowerLite Server Dashboard

Open the 'File Types...' option in the profile menu item

Click 'Add' button to start adding a profile


Un-check the ' Exclude file modified in the last...' option

Name the profile e.g. All files

Edit each configured folder and apply the newly created 'All files' file types profile.

See Files To Include for a more detailed explanation of settings. 

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