[v7] Resolution: NXPowerLite is registered but it is not reclaiming any space as indicated on Quick Scan report

After registering NXPowerLite is it possible that you run the software and it will not reclaim any space as indicated in the Quick Scan report. There are generally two reasons why this is happening; the software is not configured correctly or a misunderstanding of how Quick Scan estimates space savings. 

How do I ensure I have correctly configured NXPowerLite?

1. Service permissions

The NXPowerLite windows service does not have access permission to some or all of the configured folders. By default, NXPowerLite is configured with the Local System Administrator account. This account rarely has access to network drives and shared folders.


Ensure the 'NXPowerLite File Server' Windows service is configured with a user account that has full permission (Read, write, update & delete) to each of the configured folders/drives. For detailed instructions see Configuring the NXPowerLite Windows Service.

2. Default 'File Types' profile used

The default File Type profile is configured such that the software will skip files that have been modified within the last month. 


To allow ALL files to be considered by NXPowerLite, please create a new file type profile and apply it to the folders that are configured. To do this:

  1. Open the NXPowerLite Server Dashboard
  2. Open the 'File Types...' option in the profile menu item
  3. Click 'Add' button to start adding a profile
  4. Un-check the ' Exclude file modified in the last...' option

  5. Name the profile e.g. All files
  6. Edit each configured folder and apply the newly created 'All files' file types profile.

See Files To Include for a more detailed explanation of settings. 

Is the Quick Scan report relevant to my data?

Once you have run NXPowerLite for File Servers over your data, the Quick Scan estimate becomes irrelevant.

The Quick scan report is intended to give users a very quick estimate of how effective NXPowerLite will be on uncompressed user data. In order to be 'Quick', it is a read-only scan that notes file extensions of all files in the selected folders to build a list of possible supported files.  It then estimates the space savings based on average reductions from millions of customers files.

The scan cannot determine whether files have already been compressed by NXPowerLite so it will still estimate space savings for compressed data.

For example:

  • You run NXPowerLite Quick scan over a set of 100GB of uncompressed data the report estimates it will save you 50GB.
  • Then you run NXPowerLite on the File Servers on the data and it compresses the data to 50GB.
  • Next, you run a quick scan of the compressed data, it may estimate 15GB of savings for the data.
  • However, if you try to compress that same set of data again with NXPowerLite for File Servers it will not reduce as all the files are already compressed.
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