Configure NXPowerLite for File Servers with Novell NetWare storage

Login to eDirectory for a windows service (Novell NetWare only)

On machines where the Novell Client for Windows is installed, sometimes it is desired that an application running as a Windows service be able to access Novell network resources. There are several Windows service-specific differences in how this occurs as compared to a normal interactive Windows user login. NXPowerLite installs a service to the machine on which it is installed and by default will be installed under the "Local System" account. A login session for this service will not be able to be created by default and despite the fact that you will be able to select a location on a NetWare setup, you will not be able to analyze or optimize that data.


  • Configure the Windows service to start with a specific Windows user account name and password. Create the Windows user account with the same name as the eDirectory user object you will want the service to login with. For example, if the service will be expected to login as "AVUPDATE.Accounting.WidgetCo", create the Windows account name as "AVUPDATE". You then assign the Windows service to start as the specific Windows account "AVUPDATE" in the Windows "Services" control panel.
  • Set the "Tree:" and "Name context:" pair in the "Client" tab of the Novell Client Properties such that the "Name context:" reflected for the eDirectory tree the service will be logging in to is set to the correct context for the service's eDirectory user. For example, if the service will be expected to login to the eDirectory tree "MYTREE" as "AVUPDATE.Accounting.WidgetCo", the "Name context:" for "MYTREE" will need to be "Accounting.WidgetCo". This configuration can be established by editing the "Client" tab directly, or by logging on interactively as any eDirectory user from the "Accounting.WidgetCo" container.

At this point, once the Windows service is restarted, when the service attempts to access a UNC path to a Novell resource, the Novell Client will attempt to login to eDirectory on the non-Novell-aware Windows service's behalf. The Windows user name and password the service started with will be attempted in conjunction with the context shown in the "Name context:" shown in the "Client" tab for the target eDirectory tree. If this login is successful, the Windows service will be able to access eDirectory with the rights of this eDirectory login that has been established specific for the Windows service.

For more information please visit this support page from Novell.

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