Release History - NXPowerLite Video

NXPowerLite Video 1.0.7 (11-Mar-2020)

Now you can add paths enclosed with quotes to the Add Multiple Files... Dialog. This allows users to paste folders from Windows Explorer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where there were unnecessary filtering and sorting controls on the main Video dialog
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to drop items onto the main Video Dialog
  • Fixed a bug where the license dialog would crash when right-clicked.
  • Fixed various bugs related to upgrading

NXPowerLite Video 1.0.6 (25-Oct 2019)

  • Now ships with disableStrictFilter enabled by default
  • Requires .NET 4.5.2 to run

NXPowerLite Video 1.0.5 (15-Apr-2019)

The initial release of the software

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