'You already have a different NXPowerLite product installed' error message during installation (Mac)

This problem occurs during the installation of NXPowerLite Desktop for Mac if it detects an incomplete uninstallation of a previous version of the software.

If this happens, the installer will put up the error message and not allow installation to continue.

The solution is as follows:

  • Launch a Terminal window, which can be found in Application -> Utilities.
  • Run the following two commands:
    • sudo pkgutil --forget 'com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite.pkg'
    • sudo pkgutil --forget 'com.NeuxPower.NXPowerLite-Desktop.pkg'
  • Now re-run the installer.

Note the sudo command will probably prompt for an administrator password, and that the command is case-sensitive.

If this doesn't solve the problem, follow the full uninstallation steps in Manually remove NXPowerLite Desktop (mac) or contact support@neuxpower.com with full details of the error message that you are seeing.

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