Performance Considerations

Performance Considerations
When planning for a deployment of Optemail, please consider the following:


NXPowerLite uses a temporary folder on the machine on which it is installed to make a copy of each file and do its processing. The path to this temporary folder is determined by the TMP environment variable for the user account used by the NXPowerLite File Server service. We recommend ensuring that the disk that NXPowerLite is using is as fast as possible to avoid server slowdown.


To a lesser extent, Optemail will be limited by CPU or RAM. A minimum of 4 CPU cores and 4GB RAM is required.

Network bandwidth

Network bandwidth is drastically reduced when Optemail is deployed on your network. All received email will be optimized before it is forwarded to your mail server. Furthermore, the SMTP protocol ad’s an additional 25% overhead to all emails (while in transport).  When an email size is drastically reduced, the bandwidth savings compounds even more.


Average reduction time per each email is in milliseconds.  There will be absolutely no noticeable delay in receiving or sending emails.

Device Compatibility

Optemail must be installed on a Windows 2008 R2 – Windows 2012 R2 server.  Windows 2012 R2 is preferred.  That said, Optemail can send and receive email from any server/operating system/mail server.

By placing Optemail inline and before attached files ever enter your network, you will see immediate and ongoing storage reductions. As all optimized files store in their most optimized state. 

This means that you will see storage reduction on your file servers, databases, replicated servers, backups, and email servers.  Data growth slows by much more than the projected 40%. This is due to the fact that this data is copied to many storage locations.  Many of these times the underlined storage is on the same SAN/NAS.

General considerations


Optemail is a completely transparent process to users, with specific features designed to minimize the chance that it will affect their everyday interactions with files. Users can continue to use the same tools and processes without interruption from Optemail. Files attached in emails are optimized long before users will see them.


Optemail/NXPowerLite file reduction is a complementary technology, amplifying the compression achieved by deduplication. It works well with file types where deduplication is not effective and can be successfully deployed alongside any deduplication strategy.


All of the above-listed functions will directly see benefits from Optemail. With average reductions of all data (supported or not), Replication/Mirroring/Backups will be smaller and faster.


Optemail/NXPowerLite is fully compatible with all anti-virus solutions. When deploying, please consider the increased activity that Optemail/NXPowerLite will create. If your anti-virus solution employs on-demand scanning, please see this Optemail support article for configuration advice.

System Requirements

Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2

.NET Framework V4.5 or above

Supported file types

PDF Documents
JPEG images
PowerPoint Presentations
Word Documents
Excel spreadsheets
TIFF Images


Further reduction can be had by allowing Optemail to transcode all known/popular video file formats.


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