Optemail resillience

Optemail is designed with resilience in mind.  Every step of the Optimization process has fail-safes built in:

All functions are Windows services:

Each service has multiple fail recovery functions. If a service fails, it is configured in Windows to auto-recover. If auto-recover fails, the service is configured to run a custom recovery executable which will do the following:

1.       Automatically deliver any email which is failing to optimize

2.       Once verified that the emails were sent, delete any orphaned and redundant files left behind from failed optimizations.

3.       Verify general system integrity (disk space, network connectivity, RAM usage)

4.       Verify necessary windows services and recycle them when needed

If all that fails, and Optemail still cannot recover itself, the Optemail server will send an email to the configured systems administrator (Optemail Report recipient), notifying them of the failures.

If the services cannot run for unforeseen reasons, every time the failure executable runs, it will pass any unsent messages indefinitely.

If your Optemail server gets bogged down with an extraordinary amount of email:

Optemail is designed to track how many messages are in the queue.  If email is ever to become backed up, Optemail will make periodic assessments and make adjustments to bring email flow back to Normal conditions.  Some of the adjustments made are noted below:

If mail flow is backed up with too many large files, Optemail will start passing through all smaller emails and attachments automatically.  Optemail scales this characteristic as email increases or decreases until email is back to normal.

If Optemail just cannot catch up with email demand, it will bypass optimization entirely for all email messages and send the configured systems administrator an email (highly unlikely in any scenario). It will resume normal email optimization automatically when email flow is back to normal.

If your Optemail license expires

Email will not be delayed for any reason. Email will just not be optimized.  Administrators will get an email alert every few days.  Administrators will also get an “expiration” prompt every time they launch the Optemail Viewer.

Load balancing capabilities:

Optemail is capable of being configured in a standard network load balancing configuration. This is easily achieved by configuring your network load balancing device. No special configurations are necessary on the Optemail server.

Optemail has been tested for years with Microsoft’s free to use NLB (Network Load Balancer), as well as a few popular Hardware load balancers such as Kemp or F5.

Please note that while it is very easy to configure Optemail to be load balanced, an administrator must take all necessary steps to network load balance these servers on their network switching and/or load balancing devices.  This usually requires in-depth knowledge of how load balancing works, and how to configure it.




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