Creating and managing users for your organization

Users with the Portal Admin user role can create additional users for your organization. This will allow other people to purchase credit and manage your account. This is useful if you have people in different roles within your company that all need access to the portal. For example, the IT/System administrator needs access to check the devices that are using credit, whereas the Finance Manager will need access in order to purchase more credits.

  For an explanation of user roles please see Neuxpower License Portal user roles explained.

Creating a new user

a) Log in to the Neuxpower License Portal using the credentials received after purchase.

b) Click List organizations in the Users & Orgs menu item.

c) Select the checkbox next to the organization

d) Below the Organization Users heading, click on the Actions button and select Create a user.

e) Complete a minimum of the following sections on the Create a user page

  • Can this user log in to FlexNet Operations? - Leave this with the default 'Yes' option
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

 If you want the new user to receive email notifications select yes in the Email notification section

e) In the organizations section at the bottom, select the organization row and then select Portal Admin User or Portal User Role depending on what level of organization management is required by the user.

f) Click Save to create the new user.

The new user will get an email notification of their account login details along with a temporary password.



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