Viewing NXPowerLite for File Servers credit and usage

With a Neuxpower online account it is possible to see how much credit you have purchased, the total amount used and the amount remaining. Follow these steps to view this information:

1. Log into the Neuxpower License Portal.

2. From the Usage menu, select Usage Report.

3. By default your organization should be selected. Click Search.

4. You will see the default metered credit gauge:

 It is possible to change the view to a text-based report by clicking the "Table" icon, see below:

Period: Usage will be broken down by month.

Usage: The amount of space that NXPowerLite has reclaimed on your servers.

Entitled: The total amount of credit purchased and assigned to the current License Server ID.

Overage: Not used (Should always be zero).

Interval/Reset: This will always say "1 month/Never" to indicate that usage is shown in monthly periods and credit never expires.

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