[v7] Delete Private Application Data change of behaviour in version 7 of NXPowerLite for File Servers

In version 7 of NXPowerLite for File Servers we have enhanced the optimization carried out if the Delete Private Application Data option is set. 

This feature is turned off by default, so unless you have selected to delete private application data in the location settings, this change will have no effect.

Prior to version 7, this feature simply removed the Piece Info (Private Application Data) from PDF documents, but as of version 7 this now also removes some types of marked content. This is the same as the modifications added to the feature in version 7 of NXPowerLite Desktop for Windows.

For the purposes of optimization, marked content is defined as follows: 

The metadata that is associated with individual images created by Adobe products, e.g. a logo created in Illustrator, that is then placed in an InDesign document. This metadata holds all the editing history, fonts, colours, thumbnail etc. when it is stuck into another Adobe app - e.g. InDesign.

At this point that is all still fairly useful to the end user creating the document as they can view this information in the Links panel in InDesign. When it is exported to a PDF the same metadata associated with each linked or embedded object in the document is carried over to the PDF too - there is no way to avoid this happening. However, at this point the metadata ceases to be any use to the end user because they can't view the information in Acrobat, or in fact do anything with it.

In our tests, we have realised greater reductions in file size when optimizing PDF files by removing this metadata. If you do not wish to do this, however, please turn off the Delete Private Application Data feature. There is no way to delete Private Application data without removing marked content.

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