How does Optemail save IT costs?

Optemail helps keep IT management and infrastructure costs down in the following ways:

Infrastructure investment

Optemail reduces the size of email attachments so each user mailbox size is smaller. This means the email server database will also be smaller and its rate of growth will be dramatically slowed. All this means that you can get more life out of your email infrastructure, allowing you more time to plan the next investment.

Typically, users will save email attachments sent to them either to their personal storage area or to a shared drive in your network. Optemail will reduce those files to their smallest size meaning you'll have an added benefit of substantially less data storage growth in your shared storage areas. This allows you to get full value from your hardware investment(s).

Speed and productivity

Smaller email attachments require less bandwidth, open faster and are less likely to bounce back.

Organizations using Optemail will feel the effect of 35-40% bandwidth reduction on their servers. This means that email transmission times are faster and more likely to be consistently received without issues. These results can be especially remarkable in highly latent connections such as Satellite communications.

Users whose email bounce back due to excessive file sizes, usually seek other file sharing solutions. This is not only a productivity killer for the user but also a huge support headache for IT admins.

Running Optemail on your email server across your organization, will reduce the need for other tools and services to share files, and allow users to concentrate on sending more emails. The IT admin can run the software, transparently to users and in a single installation, reduceing the overall IT support.


Email backup is typically the scourge of IT administrators work-life, but it has to done because company's and users always want all their email backup! With complicated tools, processes and limited time-windows for backup, the problem never seems to let up.

Running Optemail on your email server will slow the rate of growth of your email, so that backup windows do not dramatically increase. This means there is less data taking your time to manage. If you are using cloud managed backups then you'll also see huge savings on your monthly hosting bills.



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